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HNG Tech Internship for Coders, Designers, Marketers and Project Managers

Applications are now open for HNG Internship cohort 9. Here’s how to apply:

HNG Internship is a large-scale, fast-paced virtual internship for people learning code, design, project management and technical sales/marketing. It’s intended for early junior developers/designers who have already completed a training program or have basic knowledge.

About HNG Internship

The Internship is designed to surface the very best of candidates out of a large pool of participants. It is fast paced and challenging, and helps people learn how to work in teams, deal with pressure and quickly expand their knowledge.

Who Should Apply for HNG Internship

Anybody can apply. The Internship itself focuses on participants with prior experience either by going through the training phase, or self-learning. However, if you have no prior experience, we still encourage you to apply you’ll learn a lot from the experience.

  • If you have prior coding or design skills / knowledge
  • If you are a professional looking to connect with others
  • If you are looking for a challenge

The internship is a fun-filled experience that runs like a game, join us, and we promise you’ll come out better, even if you’re unable to complete the program.

Available Tracks in HNG Internship

Frontend Development

The frontend track will focus on using ReactJS to build high quality web applications. You should already have basic skills and the computer to develop web applications. You must know HTML/CSS prior to joining this track.

Backend Development

We offer most backend languages. We are not particularly focused on the particular language used for backend development. The requirements are provided and participants are free to select the backend technology that works the best for them. We usually do a lot of python, PHP, Golang, NodeJS, C# and Java.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX track is for people showing lots of promise in design. We challenge the participants to create beautiful designs for web and mobile applications. We use Figma for design.

Mobile Development

We do cross platform development using Flutter as well as native mobile development using Kotlin and Swift. We also do mobile development using React Native. We also go through the process of releasing applications into the app store.

Product Management Track

The product management track is focused on people who want to learn how to manage teams and deliver products. Each product manager will dealing with a relatively large team, and will be responsible for bringing the team to success.

Dev-Ops Track

The Dev-Ops track is a selective track for people who want to practise real Dev-Ops. We will focus on CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP and Azure. It requires people with prior experience.

Sales/Digital Marketing

The sales and digital marketing track are for people who want to ramp up their skill on selling products. We will focus on digital marketing, SEO, analytics as well as sales.


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