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Call for Applications: African Visionary Fund Grant Cycle 3

Applications are now open for the African Visionary Fund Grant Cycle 3. Here’s how to apply:

Application Deadline – September 21, 2022 

The African Visionary Fund is unleashing breakthrough impact by driving resources to high-impact African founders. The African Visionary Fund is tackling inequities and righting the power imbalances in philanthropy by offering unrestricted, unburdensome funding to African visionaries.

African Visionary Fund just opened up their third grant cycle! This is an excellent opportunity for African-led, African-founded, and African-based organizations.

Eligibility for African Visionary Fund Grant Cycle 3
  • African-founded, African-based and African-led
  • Serves communities in Sub-Saharan Africa only
  • Registered in its country of operations
  • Growing Board: Transitioning from founding to governing board
  • Paid staff
  • Performs external audits every year for the past two years
  • Basic financial management systems and processes in place

Other factors for consideration:

  • Early-stage and growth-stage:
  • Annual budget between $200,000 – $1.2 M
  • Minimum 3 years of operation
  • Clear and defined model and articulation of the “why”
  • Able to communicate and measure the impact of their work
  • Organizational resilience
  • Systems change focus and understanding of the ecosystem
  • Leadership has lived experience of the problem the organization is trying to solve
  • Evidence of clear strategic direction
  • Community-driven: Deeply rooted and invested in served communities
  • Learning orientation: Leadership displays self-awareness and humility
  • Commitment to gender equity

Click here to read the full grantmaking criteria. 

To apply for the African Visionary Fund Grant Cycle 3, click HERE.


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