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Call for Applications: The Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022 (Up to ¥2,000,000 Prize)

Applications are invited for the Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022. Here’s how to apply:
Deadline: October 11, 2022
Entries are now accepted for the 2023 KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD. The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is an international product design competition that’s all about bringing together proposals for projects the future needs and giving them form.
The YOKOKU Award is a special award commemorating the 20th anniversary of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD. It will be awarded to selected student entrants as a way to support their future work. KOKUYO’s Purpose is, “Bringing you a tomorrow you can’t wait for.” Following that concept, they will select up to 20 outstanding entries that, based on their presentation sheets, make us feel that their futures will be exciting.(without judging the models)
Through the process of thinking deeply about the tools people use in their everyday working, learning, and living scenes, the competition aims to give form to the possibilities of design and the power of products. Be sure to submit your design for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2023.

Theme for Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022

The theme for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2023 is “embrace.”
This word carries meanings like “inclusion” and “hugging.” In that same vein, they are looking for product design proposals that make people feel cheerful and positive by accepting and acknowledging the differences between people and the challenges society is facing.

Prizes and Benefits of the Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022
  • Grand Prix (one winner): ¥2,000,000
  • Merit Award (three winners): ¥500,000
  • Yokoku Award (up to twenty winners): ¥30,000

The contest organizer will pay expenses incurred by participants for travel and lodging (up to two individuals for group entries).

Eligibility for the Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022
  • Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes
  • The competition accepts entries from any corporation, individual, or group that fulfills all the following requirements, regardless of their age, sex, occupation, or nationality.
  • Must be able to give a presentation at the final judging (March 18, 2023).
  • Entry eligibility is limited to those designs never before shown publicly (in Japan, other countries).
Judging Criteria for the Kokuyo International Product Design Competition 2022
  • The design includes a proposed solution to some social issue
  • The design has components that make people feel positive
  • The idea’s uniqueness
  • The product design’s feasibility
  • The design’s potential to become a product

Check the entry requirements, and then register your entrant information, design information, and submit your design data using the ENTRY pages on our website.

Click here to apply.

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