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Call for Applications: SMEDAN/Sterling Bank Matching Fund Program for Micro and Small Enterprises (Get btw N500k to N2.5M)

Applications are now open open for the SMEDAN/Sterling Bank Matching Fund Program. Here’s how to apply:

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) in partnership with Sterling Bank Plc announces the commencement of the SMEDAN/STERLING Bank Matching Fund Program For Nano, Micro and Small Enterprises.

This intervention is to deliver credit to the sub-sector in six selected states, as a promotional mechanism to enhance enterprise output, competitiveness and job creation. The disbursing entity, under the program shall be Sterling Bank Plc.

Program Terms and Eligibility Criteria

i. Target Beneficiaries Definition: Target beneficiaries for this Program shall be Nano, Micro and Small Enterprises (NMSES) operating in the real sector with value-added agricultural products.

ii. Financing available under the program: Prospective beneficiaries may apply for financing within the range of N500,000 – N2.5 million.

iii. Conditions/Terms applicable:

A. The interest rate applicable on all financing under this programme shall not exceed single digit per annum

B. The financing tenor is for a maximum period of 30 months, effective from the date of first disbursement. This is inclusive of moratorium (which may vary between 3-6 months, depending on the type of enterprise.)

iv. Applicable Security:

a. The applicant/Enterprise must be within the Agribusiness value chain (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream);

b. The applicant/Enterprise must have CAC registration or State approved registration;

c. A moveable asset to be registered under the National Collateral Registry (NCR).

How to Apply

1. Portal Opening: NMSES can apply by clicking here.

Or by visiting the SMEDAN website and clicking on the SMEDAN/Sterling Bank Matching Fund Programme icon.

Once migrated to the smecredits portal, pre-qualification of applicants shall commence.

ii. Business Plans Submission: Pre-qualified applicants shall be required to pay a processing fee of ten thousand (N10,000.00) naira for the Business Plan template on the platform (Note: A separate training fee is not required).

Eligible States

Based on the criteria above, all suitably qualified Nano, Micro and Small Enterprises (MSES) located in the following states can apply:

  • Anambra
  • Bayelsa
  • Delta
  • Ebonyi
  • Ekiti
  • Osun

Application Deadline

It should be clearly understood that the particulars set out in paragraphs 2-3 above, form the basis for considering the application of qualified NMSEs which shall be received till 25 December 2022

Click here to apply


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