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DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program 2024

In support of DHL’s objective to strengthen management and entrepreneurial education, GBSN collaborated with one of its corporate partners, DPDHL, to create the DHL Leadership Academy.

The GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program pairs chosen postgraduate business students with small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) in developing countries in order to promote greater cross-border commerce.

This immediately fulfills GBSN’s collective purpose of improving access to high-quality, regionally relevant management and entrepreneurship education for the developing countries. GoTrade is about education and accessibility.

The Fellowship Program will pair graduate business students (MBA/MSc/Masters/PhD) with SMEs for 12 months. Each GoTrade GBSN Fellow will be assigned an SME to advise, consult, and collaborate with.

The GoTrade GBSN Fellowship Program will convene regular virtual sessions bringing all students together with speakers on relevant subject matter to aid their learning objectives, with the additional goal of fostering networking among peers.

Fellows will be supported by:

  • DPDHL mentors
  • Coaching and mentoring with SMEs
  • DPDHL Certified Program learning journey covering basics of international trade

In 2023 participating SME countries included:

Georgia, Turkey, Lebanon, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, and Argentina.

Student Eligibility Criteria

Graduate students from across the globe who meet the following criteria are invited to apply.

  1. Enrolled at a participating GBSN member school at the start fellowship
  2. Commitment to complete 12 month fellowship program starting April 2024
  3. Students should be comfortable communicating in English or Spanish or Portuguese
  4. Ability to commit to an estimated 12 to 15 hours per month
  5. Proven work experience
  6. Strong analytical skills
  7. Entrepreneurial and proactive mindset
  8. Interest in an international community

Application Process

To complete the application form you will be required to upload:

  • A professional photo/headshot
  • A short CV/resume (2 pages)
  • A short video (no more than 2 minutes maximum) in which you introduce yourself to us. Let us know who you are and why we should select you. You may upload your video to any streaming platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and share the link with us. The video may be unlisted (NOT private).

Students with experience in any commercial industry are welcome to apply for the DHL GoTrade GBSN Fellowship. Applications are welcome from those with experience in e-commerce, marketing, sales, logistics, operations, law, and supply chain.

Deadline: November 30, 2023

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