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Call for Masters Application, Cohort 5. (Masters Program in Embedded and Mobile Systems. Fully Funded)

Application Deadline: 15th November 2022

CENIT@EA offers a 2-year Master in Embedded and Mobile System that is geared towards the needs of the private and public sector in East Africa. The Master includes elements such as an internship an applied Master thesis, Summer Schools, guest lecturers from the private and public sector, as well as Entrepreneurial and Soft Skills training.

This enables the students to develop and marketize digital solutions, that are crucial for the transformation of industries and the development of the region.

By offering such a unique curriculum, CENIT@EA shapes the digital pioneers of tomorrow and enhances solution-oriented thinking in order to help students create innovations that boost the East African economy. CENIT@EA’s powerful network with the private and public sector in the region opens the door towards many job opportunities and allows the students to work on real-life challenges to get practical experience.

The main academic goal of this programme is to strengthen teaching and research in Embedded and Mobile Systems in the EAC. The program is demand driven with industrial linkage in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills and the employability of graduates in this field. By closely cooperating with EA industries, new opportunities are offered to graduates, as their skills are directly matched to the region’s needs.

Currently, 88 students are studying the MSc EMoS and are benefitting from a truly international educational environment, as the Master is taught by a consortium of universities and institutes from across East Africa and Germany.

  • The master programme, offered by CENIT@EA, imparts theoretical scientific background knowledge, as well as practical methods, techniques, and tools that equip the engineer to deal with software development for embedded systems issues.
  • The master’s “Embedded and Mobile Systems” (EMoS) has a duration of four semesters.
  • The programme covers 180 credits in total, with one credit equalling ten hours of workload. The EMoS master is structured in modules and prepare the students for their professional life by including different practical projects that address the local and regional developmental needs and challenges.
  • All 25 CENIT@EA classes are delivered in modular form.
  • A module is construed as a compilation of course materials that enable acquisition of independent and self-contained competences within a particular duration.


  • The scholarships awarded by the project included a monthly living allowance, rent assistance and financial assistance for studies and research, and also covered the tuition fees applied at NM-AIST.

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