Startup Wise Guys Sustainability Accelerator Program 2024 (up to €120K)

Do you have a strong desire to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future? They completely understand your desire to make a significant difference. Welcome to the Climate Change Warriors Program, designed for innovative thinkers who want to impact the future of the planet.

Dive into an exciting network of eco-conscious trailblazers, experienced experts, and forward-thinking investors, all working together to make the necessary reforms to combat climate change.

The program opens the door to a dynamic crew of sustainability enthusiasts, wise mentors, and change-driven investors, all on a mission to speed up the crucial shifts required to take on climate change. As a member, you’ll tap into a vast network of folks who are all about making a difference in key sustainability areas and taking on climate change head-on.

Program Activities


  • Workshops and masterclasses delivered by industry experts on specialized topics like product development, fundraising, tech solutions, pitching, marketing strategies…The list goes on!
  • Networking sessions with mentors and investors.
  • Chance to learn from the founders. Successful entrepreneurs will share exactly how they built their company and tell you the good, the bad and the ugly! It’s not all sunshines and rainbows building startups!
  • Intensive pitch practice, in preparation for Demo Day and fundraising.
  • Every batch and experience are different. Their mentors tailor the content to your businesses’ individual needs so you can develop specifically with your vertical in mind.



  • You are an early-stage B2B Sustainability startup working in
    • Climate-smart agriculture
    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Circular economy
    • Circular waste management
    • Sustainable land management
  • You have a working MVP
  • Your startup has at least 2 co-founders or team members
  • You are building initial customer traction, MRR or revenues.



  • Get up to €120K convertible investment (85K cash + 35K program) with a €250K follow-on possibility.
  • Learn top sales and product development tricks from leading Sustainability mentors and experts.
  • Access a community +350 mentors, +200 investors and collaborate with 600+ fellow visionary founders growing in the same industry as you.

Deadline: January 18, 2024.

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