Call for Applications: Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2024

Call for Applications: Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2024

Gratitude Network’s Fellowship is a free one-year program for non-profit leaders and organizations worldwide. The program enhances leaders’ confidence and capacities, and offers tools and processes to increase the organization’s influence.

Gratitude Network Fellows have strengthened their leadership confidence and effectiveness. They have more aligned teams poised to implement a multi-year strategic plan, taking the organization to the next level and impacting more children and kids. Every year, the Gratitude Network conducts a global search for experienced, social impact leaders that have a proven organizational model for helping children and youth, are devoted to leadership development, and are eager to take their organization to the next level.

Fellows learn and develop through these program components:

  1. Leadership Coaching
  2. Peer Networking
  3. Scaling-Up Curriculum
  4. Networking Events & Activities


The Gratitude Network Fellowship Program is for both the organization’s leader and organization’s development. Applicants and the organization must meet ALL of the below eligibility requirements.


  1. Legally registered non-profit, charity, NGO organization
  2. At least two years old
  3. Must have at least two full-time employees (including the applicant)
  4. Beneficiaries must primarily be children/youth and served in one of the following categories: Education, Health and Well-being, Children’s Rights
  5. Ready to scale and expand the impact of the organization


  1. Has strategic decision making power for the organization
  2. Committed full-time to the organization
  3. Ready and interested to lead the organization through scaling and expanding impact
  4. Adhere to the time commitments and schedule of the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program.



  1. Increased Leadership Confidence
  2. Leads team more effectively
  3. Knows leadership strengths and opportunities


  1. Aligned leadership team
  2. Clear expansion vision relevant to their community
  3. Multi-year strategic plan for executing the vision
  4. Scale


  1. Change in Impact Trajectory
  2. Increase in Children and Youth Impacted

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