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Apply for PowerUp Entrepreneurship Program 2024 for Young Nigerians

Apply for PowerUp Entrepreneurship Program 2024 for Young Nigerians

The PowerUp program is a project that aims to empower young Nigerians to become entrepreneurs.

It has been established that one of the major causes of youth unemployment in Nigeria is the current high level of skills gap among young people, which makes it difficult for young people to secure decent jobs and build thriving businesses, highlighting the need for job creation and entrepreneurship programs such as PowerUp to equip young people to start and grow sustainable businesses.

Program Details

Mode of Delivery/Training

Hybrid Learning: The program will employ a hybrid mode of training- Physical and Virtual.

Duration: The PowerUp training program will run for a duration of 2-week, with a series of weekly masterclasses.

Who can apply?

  1. Young graduates
  2. Final year students
  3. Unemployed youth NYSC Corp members
  4. Girls of between ages 18-35 years Aspiring entrepreneurs
  5. Existing entrepreneurs

Benefits of the Program

  1. Increase youth participation in entrepreneurship
  2. Help youth identify business opportunities that they can commence with minimum capital
  3. Improve access to finance for existing businesses
  4. Develop business skills
  5. Promote collaboration and networking
  6. Create jobs and economic opportunities

Program Learnings

The PowerUp program has designed learnings for its participants to

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Financial Management
  3. Designing a pitch deck and how to pitch your business idea.
  4. Business plan and model How to generate funds for your business

Deadline: December 1 2023

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