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Standard Bank Group Internship Program 2022 for Young African Graduates.

Standard Bank Group Internship Program 2022 for young African graduates.

Application Deadline: June 30th, 2022
Standard Bank Group knows that investing in ambitious young people like you now, will lead to a brighter future for Africa. And Standard Bank Group Internship programme lets us do just that. If you’d like to progress your education further, get some meaningful work experience – and find new ways to make your dreams possible with a specialist qualification – then we’d love to invest in you.
Monthly Stipend
Interns earn a monthly stipend rather than a salary. This is an allowance which enables you to travel to and from the workplace or training institution, is in line with The National Minimum Wage Act 9 of 2018 (NMWA), and is determined by the cost and complexity of the programme.

Benefits Standard Bank Group Internship Program

You can choose from a number of market-leading internships, offering between 12 to 24 months’ fixed term employment. You’ll receive a monthly stipend, plus invaluable coaching and mentoring while you’re studying for your qualification.

  • Fixed-term employment Standard Bank Group for 12/18/24 months
  • Monthly stipend
  • Performance rewards and benefits
  • Certification specific to the skills being built on the program
  • Practical meaningful workplace experience
  • Coaching/Mentoring.

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