Skill Spark Technology Mentorship Program 2023

Applications are now open for the skill Spark Technology Mentorship Program 2023. Here’s how to apply:

The Skill Spark Technology Mentorship Program is a tech mentorship program aimed at training and developing learners in different areas of tech to meet the fast-growing technology demand of the world.

Our goal is to produce students who are tech-savvy as well as business-oriented by giving them the necessary training and opportunities to merge both entrepreneurship and tech.


  • Speaker Series
  • Skill Series
  • Panel Sessions
  • Community Sessions

What you will learn:

  • Open source and opportunities for students developers
  • Starting a tech business
  • Balancing schooling and upskilling
  • How to get a job and internship in big tech companies
  • Road maps to learn tech skills and what it takes to become a tech bro or sis
  • Remote job opportunities
  • Opportunities in technical writing
  • Introduction to git/github/Linux
  • Overview of data Science and AI


Registration Requirements


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