Remote and Onsite Developer Needed at truQ

Remote and Onsite Developer Needed at truQ

About the job

The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing high-quality applications. They will also be responsible for designing and implementing testable and scalable code.

  • Develop mobile apps using Flutter
  • Translate and build the designs from wireframes into high quality responsive UI code
  • Develop and deliver working software at the end of each Sprint
  • Resolve any problems existing in the system; suggest and add new features in the complete system
  • Follow the best practices while developing the app and also keeping everything structured and well documented
  • Communicate with the Product Manager regarding status of projects and suggest appropriate deadlines for new functionalities
  • Maintain software through product lifecycle including design, development, verification and bug fixes
  • Discover and fix programming bugs.



Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or related field
  • Have two or more iOS/Android apps developed with Flutter. Either deployed on the AppStore/Google Play or available on Github
  • 2+ years in mobile software development
  • Have over one year experience developing Flutter applications for mobile app development
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
  • Experience with automated testing and building
  • Proven experience in writing readable code, creating extensive documentation for existing code, and refactoring previously written code
  • Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

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