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European Commission Call for Horizon Europe Young Observer

Deadline: December 14, 2022
Apply to become a Horizon Europe Young Observer. As part of the European Year of Youth 2022, master’s students in the EU are invited to become “Young Observers” in Horizon Europe proposal evaluations. This means you will see how the EU selects projects for funding.
Once selected as a Young Observer you will be invited to participate in Horizon Europe call evaluations taking place from September 2022. The evaluations cover all fields of science in the broad sense, ranging from social sciences and humanities to natural sciences and engineering.
European Year of Youth 2022
Young people have been strongly affected by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in their lives, education and careers. The European Year of Youth 2022 is dedicated to them.
It will intensify efforts to include youth priorities in relevant EU policy areas and at every level of the EU’s decision-making process. Special emphasis is placed on the need to support young people with fewer chances, to acquire relevant knowledge and experiences to be active and engaged citizens.
At all levels, EU, national, regional or local, the European Year of Youth aims to support young people to engage in opportunities that can boost their personal and professional development

  • You will observe the work of independent experts evaluating proposals. This is a unique opportunity to experience directly how the EU budget for Horizon Europe is used, by selecting the best proposals in a fair and impartial evaluation process within a fiercely competitive environment.
  • You will gain knowledge and support to develop skills relevant for assessing proposals, getting an insider’s view and awareness of the opportunities of the EU funding programmes, that you may use later in your career.
  • If you are selected and participate successfully, you will receive a ‘Young Observer’ certificate, awarded by the European Commission.
  • You will play a pivotal role in testing this new initiative, by giving feedback to the European Commission and taking part in follow up actions to inspire young people to engage with research.


  • Students currently enrolled in a master’s programme, in any discipline, at a university in an EU Member State can apply to this initiative.
  • Students from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds or belonging to vulnerable and marginalised groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

If you are eligible, you can apply by filling your profile in the Horizon Europe Funding and Tenders Portal, following the guidance.
You also need to include a short description of your motivation to become a Young Observer explaining why you should be selected, as well as enclose a recommendation letter from your supervisor/ professor.
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For more information, visit Horizon Europe Young Observer.