Digital Literacy Training Cohort 1 (Powered By National Library of Nigeria)

Call for Applications: Digital Literacy Training Cohort 1

The National Library of Nigeria through its Training Institute,

The National Library of Nigeria, through its Training Institute, the Center for Advanced Library and Information Management (CALIM) is thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for individuals passionate about advancing their digital literacy skills.

Centre for Advanced Library and Information Management is organizing this comprehensive digital literacy training for LIS professionals to equip them with essential skills vital for navigating the evolving digital landscape.

Recognizing the important role of library and information professionals as custodians of information, this initiative aims to empower them with the competencies required to proficiently harness digital resources, promote information literacy, and effectively serve diverse user needs.

We invite applications for our comprehensive digital literacy training program focusing on the following core competencies:

1. Foundation of Digital Literacy
2. Wikimedia Editing and Formatting
3. Creation and Management of Institutional Repository
4. Multimedia Creation and Management
5. Social Media Management

This initiative aims to empower library and information professionals, as well as LIS students, in harnessing cutting-edge digital tools and techniques crucial for contemporary information management.

Registration for this cohort opens on 8th December 2023 and will close on 18th January 2024.

We welcome applications from all enthusiastic individuals keen on expanding their skill set in these vital areas of expertise. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your digital proficiency and contribute to the evolving landscape of information management.

Apply now to secure your place and be part of this transformative learning experience

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