DIGIGAP Training Program 4.0

The DIGIGAP Program is an initiative of Access through the implementation of NerdzFactory Foundation to equip young individuals in Lagos with a unique opportunity to be equipped with digital skills and positioned for emerging opportunities globally.

About the Training Program

The DigiGap Program is designed to create learning and economic opportunities for young individuals through technology and digital skills that are required to start and grow a tech career.

The DigiGap program is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of a booming digital and technology career.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as you dive deep into the realm of information, skills, knowledge, and resources that will catapult you towards success.

The program features weekly webinars, where they will unveil the essential digital skills you need to skyrocket your career.

From social media marketing to UX design, they’ve got it all covered. Each session will leave you hungry for more, as you absorb invaluable insights from industry experts at the forefront of technological innovation.

Available Courses

  • Product Design
  • Digital Marketing


  • Availability for the entire training duration.
  • Minimum of Secondary school education.
  • Access to a laptop.


  • Access to technical skills training
  • Access to webinars/workshop
  • Access to Soft Skills Training
  • Exposure into the tech ecosystem

Physical classes will hold at NerdzFactory HQ, Ogudu GRA, Lagos State while virtual classes will hold on zoom.

DigiGap Program Details

Hybrid Learning: The DigiGap program employs an hybrid learning system.

Duration – 4 Weeks.: The program runs for 4 weeks on alternating days to give all participants time to effectively practise their assignments.

Program Options: The DigiGap program has designed learning tracks with respective days and time. See Learning Options below for more.

Deadline: March 13, 2024

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