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Apply for Orange Group Management Trainee Program 2023

Submit your application for the Orange Group Management Trainee Program 2023.

Orange Group, a rapidly expanding consumer products company based in Nigeria, operates in four key sectors: pharmaceuticals, beverages, personal care, and lighting.

As a global diversified consumer goods company, Orange leverages its industry expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and extensive distribution network to bring international products and brands to African consumers.

Additionally, the company is committed to producing high-quality pharmaceutical products locally.

Orange Group, an inventive and dynamic fast-moving consumer goods company headquartered in Nigeria, extends its influence across West Africa through its involvement in three vital sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, and Food and Beverage.

Functioning as a sizable and diversified consumer goods group, Orange leverages its industry expertise, manufacturing capacities, and extensive distribution network to introduce international products and brands to African consumers.

Additionally, the company is dedicated to the local production of high-quality pharmaceutical products.

In the Pharmaceutical sector, Orange Group Pharmaceuticals provides a comprehensive range of ethical products addressing various ailments.

From solutions for aches and pains to remedies for feverish conditions, our product lineup includes well-known brands such as Boska, Komix, Medik 55, Mixagrip, Procold, Sudrex, and Zaiki (after 5).

As a company committed to continual expansion, we regularly augment our product portfolio to ensure our consumers have access to the best solutions for their health and lifestyle requirements.

Presently, our beverage portfolio encompasses various Passion Energy Drink variants, including Classic, Mango, Orange, and Pineapple flavors.


  • Under-study and understand each department’s (e.g. Marketing, Sales) daily processes and goals
  • Participate in the company’s strategic planning
  • Completing all assigned tasks and assisting with day-to-day operations.
  • Participating in meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities.
  • Observing and learning from experienced staff members.
  • Gaining knowledge of company policies, protocols, and processes.
  • Taking detailed notes and liaising with Managers, Supervisors, and other senior staff.
  • Fulfilling any requirements and meeting goals set out at the start of the traineeship.
  • Following all company regulations, and health and safety codes.
  • Preparing documents and updating records.
  • Learning about conflict resolution and sitting in on disciplinary hearings.
  • Traveling to different offices and participating in daily operations as required.


  • A Degree in Management or Business is an added advantage
  • Experience in management or similar/relevant field (e.g. Sales, Customer Services, etc.)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong verbal and written presentation skills
  • Excellent math and computational ability
  • Effective communication skills.

Deadline: 31st December, 2023.

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