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SURVIVAL FUND: Complete Guide on how to register your for survival fund.

Survival fund registration for eligible States is currently on and it will last for only seven days. The Portal will be open from 27th January to 2nd February 2021.

Please note that there are some little changes to the application processes, it is more organized and automated now than it used to be.


  • Login to and Click on SIGN UP. Select Your registration Type which is MSMEs Payroll Support.
  • Then signup with your phone number and E-mail address. A PIN will be sent to your email and phone number to activate your account.
  • Copy the link from your email or phone number and paste it to activate your account.
  • Once you activated your account you will be asked to login with your phone number and password (Note the password is case sensitive)

  • After you’ve logged in, you will be required to update your profile, kindly update it (Note this application is only for few states, not all states, so know the address you will be using) CHECK HERE for eligible states

  • After updating your profile, the next thing is to add your organization. To add your organization, click on the menu on the top left side of your dashboard and click on the manage organization.
  • Before you can add your organization you must firstly verify your CAC registration (NOTE: you have only maximum of 5 attempts)

  • Once you successfully verify your CAC registration the next thing is to fill in your organization details.
  • Next is adding your organization account, this could be your private account in case you don’t have a business account or your business account if you have any. (It is better to use company account if you have)

  • The next thing is to add your employees account information (NOTE: You have to add minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 employees) you will keep adding one after the other.

  • Lastly, you add proof of three months’ salary. It’s mind-boggling for some people. In the event that you’re using table payment, you must create an invoice reflecting your wages and the names of the employees. The amount you give them each month and repeat this process for three months, then upload it.


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