Remote WordPress Developer Needed at Codeable

Codeable is the only WordPress freelancer platform. We match customers to the best WordPress experts. We help customers solve any WordPress problem.
Codeable connects professional WordPress developers from around the world with businesses that need a WordPress site built, developed, maintained, fixed or optimized. We’re the only WordPress-exclusive service platform and community, with over 650 freelance developers. We deliver projects of all sizes to over 26,000 clients globally.
Our mission is to build the most vibrant WordPress developer services community and to create a better way of working for everyone in the WordPress ecosystem – developers, clients, and partners.
Build With Heart
Work shouldn’t be stressful. We believe in loving what you do – and getting paid fairly! We are here to support you so that you can deliver your best work.
As an expert on the platform, you can choose from thousands of remote WordPress freelance jobs, and be part of an inclusive and connected community of friendly, professional WordPress developers from around the world.
Work with wonderful clients on interesting projects and set your own rates ($70-120+ hourly).
What We Look For
Codeable is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. We welcome you to apply to work with us, even if you do not fit all of the criteria below.

We would love to hear from you, if you…
  • HAVE A PORTFOLIO – Show us impressive examples of your past work (client-facing projects, Projects on Github, …)
  • HAVE A FRIENDLY ATTITUDE – You understand that a good customer experience is as much about communication as anything else.
  • MEET DEADLINES – You are well organised, know how much work you can handle and always deliver on-time or sooner.
  • KNOW COMMON WP PLUGINS – You have implemented solutions with the majority of the most popular plugins (e.g. WooCommerce).
  • ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS – You know how to engage a client by asking the right questions before estimating your work.
  • ONLY SETTLE FOR PERFECTION – Perfect is just good enough for you. Happy clients make you sleep well at night.
  • LOVE WHAT YOU DO – People enjoy working with you, because it is obvious that you love your job.
  • KEEP LEARNING – You remain curious. You love expanding your skill-set and mastering new challenges.
Being a good developer is not enough to be successful with us. You must also be able to communicate effectively in English, manage clients, even the difficult ones, and be reliable. In other words, you must be a professional.
What you will get in exchange is a constant flow of projects to choose from, high paying rates, an awesome community of developers that talk on our Slack channel and help (yes help) each other, and the Codeable team ready to assist you in your difficult moments.
Why WordPress Developers Choose Codeable for Freelancing
  • Codeable is the only WordPress-only freelance marketplace in the world…
  • Our minimum pricing is $70 USD / hour and most experts bill at $100+ USD / hour…
  • We genuinely care about our experts and have the largest private WordPress dev community on the planet where you can connect with peers who support each other
  • Our team qualifies clients to ensure great projects come into the platform for you to engage on…
  • Most experts have a 30% estimated -> hired ratio by the time they have been on the platform for 45 days…
  • Codeable staff is here to guide you through the onboarding process, so you won’t be alone…
  • Some brand new experts have earned $10k+ in their first 45 days. And many of these experts are non-native English speakers…
  • We’re growing and getting more projects posted now than ever before. We need your help to keep up with demand…
  • No time requirements; we offer the flexibility to work as many or as few hours as you want.

What Our Experts Have to Say About Codeable
“Codeable runs deeper than just a group of developers bidding on jobs and occasionally meeting up for conferences… I’m part of a family of developers that make me strive to be better at what I do every day. I’m lifted up instead of torn down, I have endless resources to turn to if I need help, and most importantly I take pride in my work again because it’s no longer under-appreciated.”

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