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OMLA Fellowship Program For Young African Innovators |Training, Mentorship, and $500 fund

OMLA Fellowship Program For Young African Innovators |Training, Mentorship, and $500 fund

Applications are now open for the OMLA Fellowship Program 2023/2024. Here’s what you need to know about the program.

How it all started

At the 2020 Next Leaders Africa Summit, 200 young Africans from 30 countries gathered and developed a vision for Africa.

A vision of an Africa that is green, circular, sustainable, free of poverty and food insecurity. With easy access to education, employment, economic opportunities and health care for everyone. A continent in peace and harmony, an Africa where everyone can flourish regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.

Over the past few years, we’ve made incredible strides with the OMLA program. Training over 2,390 passionate young minds in sustainable leadership and equipping them with essential skills in Social and Business Entrepreneurship.

The OMLA 2023 Bootcamp was a life-transforming bootcamp where 100 young Africans from Farming communities were selected from 17 secondary schools in Ondo State, South western Nigeria.

The enthusiasm for our initiatives is evident. In 2022, we received applications from just over 100 aspiring leaders. Fast forward to 2023, and this number skyrocketed to an astounding 2,000+ applications, a testament to the growing interest in sustainable leadership and the visible impact of the OMLA program.

With momentum on our side, we anticipate even greater interest and engagement in the upcoming application cycles. Join us in crafting the next generation of sustainable leaders.

OMLA Fellows are Trained in

  • Leadership for a better future
  • Sustainability
  • Social innovation and social entrepreneurship


Young people who want to be part of the OMLA movement of 1 million young Africans that will guide Africa to a better future by 2030.

Terms of the fellowship

OMLA Fellows will be selected for one year. Each OMLA fellow will receive a monthly fellowship stipend for $50 to cover costs of internet and other logistics incurred for training OMLA stars.

In addition to intensive training and network building, OMLA will offer Fellows professional development support, including mentorship and a $500 for professional development support (given at the successful completion of the fellowship year).

Eligibility Criteria for OMLA Fellowship Program

  • Under 40 years of age
  • Based in Africa
  • Fluent in English.
  • Have the habit of reading and be committed to it; should be able to read and give an assessment of at least 3 out of six recommended books within nine (9) months.
  • Have reliable access to a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Able to commit at least one year as an OMLA Fellow (This is not a full-time commitment. You can do this fellowship while you stay on your job).
  • Able to travel.

Curriculum for OMLA Fellowship Program

The OMLA curriculum (a combination of online and onsite training) is a journey in 4 phases- Skills (Community Change projects), Values (Leadership), African Studies and OMLAx (OMLA Alumni community).

As a tool to inspire a new generation of leaders in Africa; the curriculum is being developed systematically, starting with the OMLA Fellows with differing step-down approaches for OMLA Stars (young leaders trained by the OMLA Fellows) and OMLA Starlets (young leaders trained by the OMLA Stars).

The phases encompass the focal points of the OMLA vision which is to train a million young Africans in leadership for a better future, sustainability, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship

Deadline: January 20, 2024

Apply here for OMLA Fellowship Program 2023 


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