Low Tuition Universities in Venezuela for International Students

Hi! you may be an international student to the beautiful country of Venezuela who has an interest in furthering your a studies there while still considering the cost. This article will meet your needs. The content today presents you with the low tuition universities in Venezuela for international students. This universities are really affordable for international and what’s more striking is that the quality of education is rest assured.
Studying in Venezuela, as an international student provides you the opportunity to obtain a degree in any level and in the field of your choice. Undergraduate, Masters, Post-graduate and Ph.D programs are made available still at affordable rates for international scholars.
Before going into the Low Tuition Universities in Venezuela for International Students, a little need be known about this South American country.

About Venezuela

You need to know a lot about Venezuela before considering it worthwhile for venturing into it’s educational system. Unfortunately the content won’t be able to provide you with all the information you’ll require. Visit Wikipedia for more information concerning Venezuela.
Venezuela is a country located on the northern coast of South America. Since 1999, it was named the ‘Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’. Geographically, the country comprises a continental mainland and so many islands in the Caribbean Sea.
There are over 26 widely spoke languages in Venezuela though Spanish remains the official language. It’s largest city and capital is Caracas. It’s also necessary to note that over 70 percent of the population are Christians, particularly Catholic.

Facts about Venezuela

There are so many interesting facts about Venezuela, most of which could affect your stay in Venezuela, namely:

  • Venezuela is one of the largest oil exporting countrys in the world since it has the largest oil reserve known to the world.
  • Basic Education in Venezuela is free and compulsory for children within 6-15 years.
  • It ranks 33 among the largest countries in the world.
  • The largest national parks in the world, named the  Canaima National Park, is located in Venezuela.
  • Over 70% of the population are Roman Catholic.
  • Visit Britannica for more important facts

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Low Tuition Universities In Venezuela for International Students

Here are the low tuition universities in Venezuela. In general these universities are quite affordable for the average International scholar.
PUBLIC Universities

  • Universidad de Carabobo
  • Universidad Indígena de Venezuela
  • Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana
  • Universidad de Los Andes
  • Universidad de Los Llanos
  • CentralesRómulo Gallegos
  • Universidad de Los Llanos
  • Occidentales Ezequiel Zamora
  • Universidad Nacional Experimentaldel Táchira
  • Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy
  • Universidad del Zulia
  • Universidad de Oriente
  • Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda
  • Universidad Marítima del Caribe
  • Universidad Nacional Abierta
  • Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador

PRIVATE Universities

  • Universidad Arturo Michelena
  • Universidad Rafael Urdaneta
  • Universidad Catolica Andrés Bello
  • Universidad Catolica Cecilio Acosta
  • Universidad Católica del Táchira
  • Universidad Catolica Santa Rosa
  • Universidad de Margarita
  • Universidad Dr. José Gregorio Hernández
  • Universidad Fermín Toro
  • Universidad Jose Antonio Páez
  • Universidad José María Vargas

Scholarships are also available for international students to complete their studies. Learn how to apply for scholarships.
Aside scholarships, there are many ways of gaining financial aids as foreign scholars. These includes:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Work Study programs as explained here.

General Cost of living in Venezuela

Since we’ve listed the low tuition universities in Venezuela for international students, let’s give you a run down of the general living expenses in Venezuela. Living in Venezuela is quite affordable and the cost of living is generally low.
Meal (Restaurant)– $3.00/meal
Water – $0.50(0.33 litres)
Milk – $1.03
Transportation– $0.10(one-way ticket)
Basic (Electricity, Garbage, Water, Heating, Cooling) – $8.62
Internet (Unlimited) – $6.61
Clothing (a complete set)- $170.00
1 bedroom Apartment– $190.00
It is necessary to point out that the data given is subject to change. Also note that it comprises of the average cost of the living amenities.

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