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Call For Applications: Global Citizenship Foundation Mentor-Intern Program 2024 [Cohort 17]

The Mentor-Intern Program offered by the Global Citizenship Foundation is a unique internship opportunity for high-potential young individuals to gain professional experience and develop critical leadership competencies at a global workplace.

This carefully-curated and rigorously-enhanced program offers an immersive and impactful experience, aimed at fostering the holistic growth and development of its participants.

Designed with a strong emphasis on reflective practices and leadership development, the Mentor-Intern Program rigorously matches the Foundation’s value-driven Culture of Practice, fostering a sense of global citizenship and social responsibility among its participants.

Through a series of daily debriefs, reflections, capacity-building sessions, and skill-enhancement activities, participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills essential for success in their future careers.

With a focus on mutual mentorship, the program creates a unique relationship between the participant and an experienced team member, providing an intimate and supportive learning environment.

Although the program is now offered online, graduates of the Mentor-Intern Program have consistently rated it as more personal and profound than traditional physical internships.

As a participating candidate in the Mentor-Intern Program, you will be joining a vibrant community of diverse individuals from around the world who are contributing to the mission of co-creating the many futures of education for human and planetary flourishing.


  • The minimum age to participate in the Mentor-Intern Program is 17 years. However, in case the candidate is below the age of 18 at the time of application, legal guardian/parental consent or authorization is required.
  • Preference is given to applicants who are either be enrolled in an accredited university or are a recent graduate. However, experienced professionals are also eligible to apply.
  • Applicant should have a minimum language proficiency of B2 Level in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
  • Only one active application is allowed per candidate.

Selection Criteria

  • Work Ethic and Professionalism: Consistently display a strong work ethic and professionalism in all aspects of their work.
  • Self-Starter: Adaptable, energetic self-starters who enjoy working in fast-paced environments, taking initiative to drive projects forward.
  • Positive Attitude: Bring a can-do spirit and positive outlook to life and work, contributing to a delightful work environment.
  • Independent Team Players: Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and are comfortable being pulled in on various tasks, even if they are not explicitly listed as part of the specialization requirements.
  • Diversity Appreciation: Bond and respect differences as much as similarities, creating an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Growth Mindset: Possess a growth mindset, are open to learning, and continuously strive for self-improvement.
  • Dependability: Dependable and take responsibility for their work, ensuring that it is completed to the highest standard.
  • Flexibility: Able to adapt to change and handle fast-paced environments, embracing challenges with resilience.
  • Intercultural Skills: Possess intercultural intelligence and are able to work effectively in diverse teams.
  • Open to Feedback: Embrace giving and receiving critical feedback, recognizing its importance for growth.


  • The Global Citizenship Foundation does not charge or demand a fee for participation in the program. Also, the program does not offer a stipend. The valuable experience and skills gained through the program are designed to enrich the participant’s personal and professional growth, making the program a worthwhile investment in their future.

Application Process

Only duly filled applications shall be considered. Note, that an applicant can only apply for one mentor-intern specialization. Multiple applications from the same individual will not be considered.

Deadline: April 8, 2024

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