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Hey! We’re the HOTH.

No, it’s not a Star Wars reference but points for noticing. It stands for Hittem’ Over the Head – in other words, to bludgeon with awesomeness.

It can be used as a noun (as in our product, or brand), or as a verb (to HOTH someone or HOTH something). And it’s how our clients refer to one of the world’s top SEM companies.

We run an awesome Web Copy product, and we’re looking for freelance writers who want to gain real-world experience writing web page content for our clients across all sorts of industries.

Our Freelance Website Copywriters create Home Pages, About Us Pages, Sales Pages, E-Commerce Product Descriptions, etc for a variety of different businesses and companies. One of the biggest benefits of this position is the ability to do this from anywhere, anytime. Another big benefit? We work with all kinds of customer niches! From travel agents and online paint retailers to skincare professionals and snack foods, there is a wide variety of writing to be done!

This is a great place to work, and you’ll also get the benefit of working with great freelance team members and awesome in-house staff. We have an awesome retention rate, and people truly love working with us.

Please note that this is a freelance 1099 position, and while it does not qualify for our formal in-office perks and benefits, it comes with incredible flexibility and an awesome culture.

Are you business savvy? Do you live and breathe writing compelling and conversion-focused copy? Do you enjoy researching keywords, metadata, and other ways to improve SEO?

If so, we’d like to chat with you!

This role is split into two responsibilities:

  • Optimization Reports
  • Web Copy writing

Our clients will be able to order the above services together or separately. You must be able to conduct keyword research to create quality optimization reports and write high-quality Home Page content, About Us Page content, Service Page content, E-Commerce Product Descriptions, Infographic Content, and more.

You’ll be creating optimization reports and 150, 300, 500, 700, 1000, 1500, or 2000 word copywriting-style pieces dedicated to whatever our customers’ page needs are.

The topics will vary widely so we need flexible people! But don’t worry–we’ll give you the resources you need to be successful.

You are required to complete 3 Web Copy orders per week when Quota is turned on. We will only turn on quota if there is a high volume of orders in the queue that are causing production delays. When Quota is turned off, you can complete as few or as many Web Copy orders per week as you like!

Why We’re Awesome to Work With:

  • You’ll fill your portfolio with a variety of professional copywriting samples
  • We have high-quality standards, which means awesome training – you’ll learn a ton!
  • Work from wherever you want (as long as we can reach you)
  • There is plenty of work to go around, and no cap on what you can write
  • No need to hustle for clients, chase payments, or pitch with no promise of pay
  • A variety of interesting niches are always available
  • Quick, consistent pay

Here is the pay breakdown for this role:

Optimization Reports = $5/URL
150 words = $7.50
300 words = $15
500 words = $25
1000 words = $45
1500 words = $75
2000 words = $95

We pay our writers via PayPal every Monday.

Why We Want to Work With You:

  • You’re a native English speaker who loves conversion-driven copywriting
  • You have impeccable grammar and excellent writing skills
  • You have experience working under tight deadlines
  • You can clearly communicate a client’s unique brand, story, and service in your writing
  • You understand that great Website Copywriting is informative, compelling, and unique!
  • You treat feedback as an opportunity to improve and work harder
  • You have a fun sense of humor and a team-oriented mindset

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