The GFA Technologies(GetFundedAfrica) e-Mobility Innovation Hackathon (in collaboration with Microsoft) and with sponsors – Sterling Bank, Oando Plc (Oando Clean Energy Ltd) and other corporates; provides startups/entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, resources and networks necessary to:
Get matched and work with the largest corporate companies in Nigeria

One of the key outcomes involves selecting entrepreneurs & startups from across Nigeria, with solutions in areas such as Energy Management Systems, Software Development, Charging Infrastructure, Autonomous Driving Technology, Vehicle-to-grid Technology, Battery Technology e.t.c.

Participants will get access to; curated mentoring, large corporate partners (both local & international) , investors (funding), international development agencies, government institutions, and much more.

The Hackathon will operate as a hybrid model (offline + virtual), and focus on entrepreneurs who can align business models to the local e-mobility industry and receive ‘market validation’ from corporate partners and other major stakeholders.

At the Grand Finale – the first e-Mobility Innovation Demo Day in Nigeria, we expect shortlisted entrepreneurs & startups to move from Idea Stage to MVP, as a measure of their progress; and subsequent acceptance into the Scale-up Accelerator.


The Hackathon is for ambitious start-ups, entrepreneurs, individuals, and ventures with solutions for:


Including battery manufacturers, charging infrastructure provider

Government & regulators

Including utility companies

Technology companies

As well as component suppliers, ride-sharing & mobility services, energy storage companies


Research & development institutions, recycling & sustainability initiatives, financial & insurance services.


New Market Access,


Funding & collaborate with the biggest corporate companies in Nigeria.