December for Women Who Code Fellowship 2023

The December for Women Who Code (DFWWC) fellowship program is an annual Because She Can program that aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry.

As part of this charitable initiative, resources like laptops are presented to less-privileged women in tech who have demonstrated outstanding efforts in their studies and/or careers.

This program runs through December to assist women who code.

In December 2021, they raised $2,706.53 for this cause and procured five brand-new laptops using the money raised.

In December 2022, they raised $1,785.53 and received three laptop donations, enabling them to provide five laptops to five women.

Theme for 2023: Every Female Dev Deserves a Working Laptop

We are a beautiful community of women who are passionate about creating an enabling and encouraging environment for all women to thrive in the Technology space.

Because She Can is on a mission to encourage and empower women and girls to excel in technology disciplines and roles.


Successful applicants stand a chance of receiving:

  • A Laptop
  • Three-month Internship
  • Internet allowance
  • 9-month mentorship
  • Soft skills development

Deadline: November 25, 2023

Click HERE to Apply


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