There has been increase in number of Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria, this is due to increase in number of Nigerian youths working on social change. Increase in level of poverty, insecurity, lack of good primary health care and education systems, and high inflows of international organization have also been traced to be reasons behind the increase in Nigerian NGO.
We shall be discussing the step by step procedures of registering NGO and the cost of registering NGO in Nigeria, 2020.

There is no exact amount for registering NGO in Nigeria, the eventual price varies due to steps taken, but one is expected to spend between the range of N120,000 and N200,000. This variation in the price depends on nature of NGO you want to register, money charged by lawyers that would assist with the process, and other basic charges.

Registering an NGO in Nigeria is not a difficult task, in as much as you have all the required documents, the documents needed are listed below:

  • A formal application letter
  • Two (2) copies of your NGO constitution
  • Two (2) copies of application form signed by the chairman and Secretary of the NGO
  • A copy of minutes of the general meeting appointing the Organization board of trustees, listing all members present and the voting system.
  • Two (2) passports photographs of the board of trustees.
  • Residential address and signature of the board of trustees, on the application form.
  • Trust declaration form signed by each member of the board of trustees in any High Court of Nigeria
  • Evidence of property acquisition for the organization or undertaking in lieu of property acquisition.
  • The impression of the common seal of the association on the application form
  • Extract of the minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules was adopted into the constitution of the organization signed by secretary and chairman of the organization.
  • Original newspaper publication


This should be the first step you should take, set your organization plans, the mission, vision, clearly state the activities of the organization.

NAME SEARCH: After getting the required documents the next step to registering your NGO is to conduct a search on the name you want to use to ensure it is available, if it is available then you are to reserve it. It is always advisable to get at least two names, in case the first one is unavailable

APPOINT REQUIRED PERSONNEL– Board of Trustees, this is one core aspect of registering your NGO. Appoint someone qualified to be appointed as a member board of trustee.

INVOLVE ACCREDITED SOLICITOR: The next step is to consult a solicitor. A solicitor will help you in conducting the pre and post-incorporation matters in the matters in the most official and legal ways. The solicitor will assist you throughout the registration process.

PUBLICATION OF NOTICE: After reserving your NGO name, the solicitor you have chosen will ensure he/she publishes in three national newspaper.

DRAFT A CONSTITUTION: After the publication, the next step is to draft your NGO’s constitution. This process can be done by the solicitor, but it is advised that the owner of the NGO should draft his/her constitution, while the solicitor may assist in drafting the constitution. The constitution should include: the NGO’S aims and objectives, names of members of Trustees, and others.

DOCUMENTATION OF ALL INCORPORATION DOCUMENTS: At this stage, your solicitor will compile all necessary documents which includes the: application form, letter of application, newspaper publication, copies of NGO’s constitution, among others.

SUBMISSION AND FILLING OF DOCUMENTS: After the documents, your solicitor will submit all the documents to the corporate affairs commission (CAC) for the incorporation of the NGO.

COLLECTION OF THE NGO CERTIFICATE: After everything is checkmated and certified by Corporate Affairs Commission, the Corporate Affairs Commission will then issue the certificate of incorporation.

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