Coca-Cola HBC International Graduate Trainee Program 2024

The International Leadership Trainee Program is for high-caliber talents at the beginning of their professional journey.

This program is built to fast-track your international career in Commercial and prepare you to become the leader of tomorrow.  The program start date is October 2024.​

  • This is a top-notch program, that will accelerate your professional development and your international career.
  • You will get a mix of hands-on tasks at the office and in the market, and impactful projects.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Hult International Business School, we are now offering a blend of academic excellence and our practical business approach, equipping future leaders with the skills they need.
  • This will be a complex learning process, mentored by Coca-Cola Senior Leaders.​
  • The application process is an educational journey.​

About the Program

International Leadership Trainee Program by Coca-Cola HBC is a premium leadership program designed to challenge and transform young talented graduates into the next generation of leaders.

This is a program that mixes a hands-on approach with support by Coca-Cola HBC Senior Leaders and building on top-notch formal learning.

It targets high-caliber Gen Z individuals (Nigerians in-country or abroad) who want to learn fast and grow fast into our leaders of the future.

The program incorporates international exposure and strong leadership curriculum, enabling participants to operate within one of our markets across the 29 countries we’re established.

During its tenure, trainees are entrusted with the management of intricate strategic projects, equipping them with the requisite skills and knowledge required for the next leadership layer.


1. Competitive Pay

This paid role requires your full-time commitment. Even if it is an entry-level position, we do provide a competitive package of salary and benefits.

2. International Exposure

You will start with commercial tasks in your country. Moving forward, you will also get international assignments and cross-function projects for multiple countries.

3. Partnership With HULT Business School

We teamed up with the prestigious Hult International Business and combined their academic rigor with our cutting-edge practical approach. Once you complete this journey, you will receive a certificate from Hult EF.

4. Hand-on Market Experience

Daily regular tasks, exciting international projects, visits in the market, presentations, meetings, these are just a few of your future tasks.

5. A Complex Learning Experience 

Peer-to-peer, on-the-job, mentor, buddy, formal trainings. You name it. We are offering a mix of theory and practice in a real-work environment.

6. Mentorship From the Senior Leader of the Organization

You will get amazing support to kickstart your career. You will be assigned a buddy for local operations, but also a mentor from our Top 300 Leaders.

7. Accelerated Development in Commercial Areas

This program is commercially focused in a holistic way: sales, finance, analytics, digital. You will be trained but you’ll also learn by doing.

8. International Rounded Commercial Experience

We work with nearly 100 brands and operate in 29 markets. You will handle international projects, with a culturally diverse team.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Evidence of first leadership experience (leading others on the job, in student association, NGOs, sports teams, started own business, etc.)
  • Interested to grow as a leader in Commercial (ex. Sales or Digital Commerce) or Supply chain (Engineering, plant operations, logistics) and drive impact in relevant business areas (ex. sustainability)
  • Built professional and leadership aspirations (additional trainings, seminars, workshops)
  • Participation in extra curricular activities (volunteering, campus, NGOs, etc.) as advantage
  • Lived in more than one country (for cultural diversity and personal flexibility) as advantage
  • University degree / during the studies, if able to commit full time (40h/week)
  • Up to 3 years of formal working experience after graduation
  • Fluent English, Digital mindset and literacy
  • Ready to relocate to a different country and to travel intensively
  • Eligibility to work in respective country/ available work permit

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