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Remote Frontend Software Engineer (React) Needed at Elite Software Automation


Elite Software Automation (ESA) is a company that makes custom software solutions for small businesses with complex operational flow in specific niches such as custom manufacturing, concierge medicine, financial services, and other service-intensive industries.

These solutions are composed of internal systems (such as CRM, ERP or other systems heavily customized and extended by us), integrated with the external systems (such as client portals) and various custom backend connections that allow interaction with external parties as needed.

Our solutions are completely custom and consist of:

Custom development with well put together custom interfaces as well as robust and comprehensive custom backends, consisting of both our reusable components as well as client-specific custom development:

For Front End:

  • React with Material UI and our custom components (Typescript is used heavily)
  • UI Bakery
  • AWS Cloudfront

For Back End:

  • Graphql based backend services
  • REST based backend services
  • N8n
  • NocoDB’s REST endpoints
  • Zoho’s REST endpoints and endpoints of our other no-code tools
  • The applications are powered on a robust AWS infrastructure.

Solution platforms and no-code tools such as:

  • Some products from Zoho platform (Zoho CRM, Desk, Books, Flow) extensively customized and configured for each project;
  • N8N;
  • NocoDB,, and other open source tools (which we sometimes fork and modify into our own version);
  • Our own products with in built no-code configurators;
  • This list is being increased when we find and extensively vet new platforms excellent for the purposes we need fulfilled;

Other platforms to fulfill various functions (e.g., Twilio, Sendgrid, Gravity Forms Stripe, etc.)

Role of the Front-End Engineer in Our Organization

As the Front End Engineer, you will be part of our build team, responsible for the front-end part of our solutions. You will build our internal reusable components in React, and you will build our custom client solutions in UI Bakery (you can learn more about it at and React.

You will work closely together with our back-end engineers and their GraphQL and REST endpoints, REST endpoints from NocoDB, as well as various APIs of platforms we use in our solutions, and endpoints of our internal products and reusable packages.

You will also work together with our no-code specialists where your front-ends will interact with the no-code and low-code solution elements. Your builds and the broader solutions they are part of will be expected to be functional and well working.

The key expectation will be to produce high quality front ends, and do so quickly and efficiently. The following specific expectations will apply:

  • Analysis – you will be expected analyze UI/UX designs and identify which APIs will be needed to create functionality. Must consider which existing APIs can be reused to create new functionality by doing some logic on the frontend.
  • UI/UX – some knowledge of UI/UX design concepts/patterns is expected, as is the ability to recommend alternative UIs that would produce efficient and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Self-Organization – Ability to plan actions to achieve successful working outcomes is required. At some point while working on an activity, you will inevitably hit a roadblock. During this time, you must be able to switch to other tasks and continue working productively.
  • Quality – we will expect you to thoroughly test your builds before sending to QA, and we expect that your builds will be quite mature with regards to their quality when you turn them in, and while we do expect that QA will find some complex issues from time to time, we do not expect that your builds will result in QA frequently finding issues that you reasonably should have found yourself – if at any point this will become a continuing occurrence, we will seek to replace you.
  • Output Quantity and Speed – we will expect you to speedily produce output and consistently meet or exceed your expectation (exceeding will be rewarded additionally).
  • Maintainability / Minimalist Complexity – the solutions created will need to be iterated and maintained as time goes on – as such, you will need to build solutions in a manner that will make likely iterations easy to implement without tearing down and rebuilding everything or making updates for the same thing in many places – you will need to familiarize yourself with the tools you’re using and build your solutions without creating unnecessary complexity – the platform stack we have selected through years of researching generally allows to make that possible, but you will need to exercise good logic and analysis in your work to make it happen.
  • Continuous learning and improvement – you will be expected to keep up with the most recent developments and recommended techniques for the technologies we use. You will have to be willing to use new tools.
  • Growth possibilities: promotions through maintaining high quality and speedy output, frontend-lead-like responsibilities in planning projects and our internal products, possibility to branch out into our technical design team.