We're crazy enough to think we can help you shoot from your desk to the world.

We help Africans find new ways of learning, thinking, seeking jobs, doing business and connecting with the world. We do so by giving them the guns to get in touch with the folks, organizations, information and tools that will help them shoot their shot like a boss.

We're built for cool but weird people

Here’s to you wanting to do cool stuff on the planet and not knowing where the guns are.

Here’s to you saying ‘damn it’ and going all in even if death is the price.

Here’s to you disregarding conventions and being completely unapologetic about it.

Here’s to you taking a brand new knife to old ways of thinking, creating and doing things.

Here’s to you being obsessive, weird, cool, and unforgiving in becoming the world best at what you do.


Here’s to us helping you find the guns to be who you are.

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