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We're Crazy enough to think we can help you move from your desk to the world

Dixcover Hub, a ridiculously pretty online mule, combs through the web every day and curates some of the planet’s finest opportunities, jobs, information, guides, money-making grits and make them available to thousands of people around the world.

We are built for creatives, designers, writers, marketers, code geeks, entrepreneurs, online gurus, and people hungry for good jobs, good education, good food, and good life.

To you, For you...

Here’s to you wanting to do cool stuff on the planet and not knowing where the guns are.
Here’s to you saying ‘damn it’ and going all in even if death is the price.
Here’s to you disregarding conventions and been completely unapologetic about it.
Here’s to you taking a brand new knife to old ways of thinking, creating and doing things.
Here’s to you, obsessive, weird, cool, and unforgiving in becoming the world best at being you.


Here’s to us helping you find new ways of seeking and doing jobs. New ways of connecting and doing business. New ways of learning and putting yourself out to the world. New ways of living, loving and sacrificing for your crafts.


Dixcover Hub is for you if you’re a writer, designer, marketer, IT guru… who’d like to wake up every morning to a list of super sweet finely selected remote/freelance jobs from the coolest brands around the globe

It’s also for you if you’re a junior or aspiring entrepreneur and it makes complete sense to you that a good-sized grant can help you hasten your journey into the big club.

Dixcover hub is for both senior and junior and master students who think (because this is 21st century) they deserve a fat scholarship to study and see the world. 

For job seekers who believe they deserve a special place in the universe and who’d not give up until they’re standing right where they belong smiling, sipping from a cup and looking through the glass walls

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