Villgro Africa Funds for African Startups ($20,000)

Focused on helping emerging businesses in the healthcare sector scale across and beyond Africa, Villgro Africa, an innovator and impact investor, is speedily driving its mission.
Villgro Africa seeks innovative solutions addressing the lack of access to quality and affordable health services, particularly for the low-income populations across Africa.
The incubator provides personalised incubation experiences to help emerging businesses scale ideas and navigate the African startup ecosystem effectively. The goal is to enable these startups build viable and scalable health and life science solutions that improve quality of life for people across the continent.
Startups accepted to become part of Villgro Africa’s portfolio will receive:

  • Funding from $20,000
  • Business development expertise (Technical Assistance)
  • Access to further investment opportunities

To be eligible to participate in the programme, startups must meet the following criteria:

  • A product / hardware Innovation or service delivery / business model innovations with a Health and Life Sciences focus
  • The solution should preferably have a direct impact to the low-income population and solving one or more health problems
  • The solution must be scalable and sustainable (For profit company)
  • The company must have a minimum viable product (not in the idea stage)

How to apply
click here to apply for this program
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