Top 10 Qualities of A successful entrepreneur

By Abdullateef Lawal

An entrepreneur is an enthusiastic and energetic individual. He is a business leader and so he is expected to have the following characteristic:

1. A Catalyst for Change

An entrepreneur is a catalyst for chaqnge, he brings about positive changes in the society.

2. A Problem Solver

An Entrepreneur is a problem solver hence, he undertakes a venture not for his personal gain alone but for the benefit of others and the society at large.

3. Ability To Analyze And Think

An Entrepreneur is an analyst, a thinker, planner and more importantly a doer and a worker.

4. Action Oriented

An Entrepreneur must be action oriented as a catalyst for change, an entrepreneur needs to be a highly motivated individual willing to take many risk to achieve his goals.

6. Ability To Accept Responsibilities

An Entrepreneur must be willing to accepts responsibilities with lots of enthusiasm and endurance.

7. Ability To Foresee The Future

An Entrepreneur should be able to foresee the future, the future problems and gains, the market size with entrepreneurial persuasiveness, manipulate funds with financial talent and smell error, frauds and deficiencies with an auditor’s precisions.

8. Ability To Build An Enterprise

An Entrepreneur builds new enterprises. Possesses intense level of determination and perseverance to overcome hurdles and solves the problem and completes the job.

9. Ability To Leverage On Resources

An Entrepreneur finds the resources required to exploit opportunities.

9. Ability To Be Extraordinary

An Entrepreneur does extraordinary things as a function of vision and passion. He challenges assumptions and breaks rules.

10. Ability To Implement

Having a good business idea doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, as many people come up with different great business ideas which they never acted on.

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