Top 10 Freelance/Remote Jobs Today (25/09/21)

1. Remote Content writer at Cliniko

Cliniko builds apps and management software that helps health professionals handle appointments, schedule appointments, store treatment notes, run video consultations, and much more. It is an all-in-one CRM for professionals in the health sector. They are looking for brilliant copywriters to join their team and help them amplify their voice through great content.
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2. Remote Content Marketing Specialist at SevenFifty

SevenFifty is on a mission to power a connected alcohol supply chain by leveraging the nation’s largest network of producers, distributors, importers, retailers, and restaurants. They need a good content marketer to join their team
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3. Remote Front-end Engineer at Anedot

Anedot is a fundraising tool that makes raising money easy for organizations like churches, campaigns, nonprofits, universities, and action. They are looking for a front end engineer to join their team
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4. Remote Data Engineer at The Studio

The Studio fashions as a studio where anyone in the world can create customized products: custom face masks, custom hats, custom shirts, custom socks, custom anything. They are looking for a data engineer to join their team.
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5. Remote WordPress Developer at BranchLabs

BranchLabs is a company that helps eCommerce store owners build and optimize their stores for conversion. They provide services ranging from designs, strategy, emailing, CRM, copywriting… They are looking for WordPress developers to join their team.
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6. Freelance Copywriter and Content Creator at Mahmee

Mahmee is an integrated care delivery platform designed to increase access to comprehensive maternal and infant healthcare, with a particular focus on the most at-risk and marginalized patients in the society. They are looking for a content creator to join their team.
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7. Remote Social Media Manager at Podium

Podium is a suite of messaging tools for local businesses. Businesses of all sizes can connect with customers via text to do things like request payments, collect reviews, and sell products, in a modern, convenient way. They’re looking for a remote Social Media Manager to handle their social accounts.
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8. WordPress Developer at Mad Cow Web Design

Mad Cow Web Design, LLC provides custom Website Design and development. Specializing in custom functionality and WooCommerce solutions. They are looking for talented WordPress designers to join their team.
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9. Motion Graphics Designer and Visual Storyteller at Interaction Design

Interactive Design is an online design school that teaches thousands of students annually how to create professional and world-class designs. They are looking for an animation designer to join their team.
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10. Remote PHP Developer at OperateBeyond

OperateBeyond is a digital agency that helps brands design strategies, customer acquisition, and help them build tools for effectively running their business.
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