The Future VC Internship 2021 Global Programme ( Paid Internship)

Deadline: 8th January 2021

The Future VC internship programme is open to those who are able to work full-time for 8 weeks during either of the cohorts and in the locations listed below. The development programme is fully remote and available globally.

  • Summer Cohort 7th June-30th July
  • Autumn Cohort 6th Sept-29th Oct

Masterclasses and mentorship will be available more widely.


Over the past two years our partners, sponsors and supporters included Accel, Ada Ventures, Episode 1, EF, TechStars, Seraphim Capital, Notion Capital, Local Globe, Northstar, Highland, Hearst Ventures, Notion, Keen Ventures, Balderton, InMotion, Forward Partners, Huckletree, Rooks Nest Ventures, Downing Ventures, OMERS, Wayra, Kindred, Paddle, Octopus, Sky, Santander, Bethnal Green Ventures and Whitestar VC and we expect many of them to be involved again this year as well as new partners.


The Future VC internship programme aims to create to a peer-support group through developing a network amongst participants with weekly catch-ups to share learning and challenges. Each individual will be placed in an internship with one of our partner funds, and in addition, will have access to training to support them in developing the skills needed to succeed in the space.

Masterclasses will be delivered on a weekly basis by highly successful figures from the European Venture Capital industry, with topics such as:

  • Finance in VC
  • Sourcing founders and spotting outlier
  • Raising funds
  • Corporate VC
  • Evaluating pitches
  • Approaching deep-dives in to new sectors
  • History of VC

Future VC associates will also be part of a project which will see them assigned to start-ups who they will work with before presenting to an investment panel at the end of the programme. To expose them to the industry across the country they will be making visits to startup hubs outside of London.


Yes, the internships will be fully paid.

All funds have committed to paying an appropriate salary for the role, based on the country/city norms.

Should I Apply to The Future VC Internship 2021 Global Programme ?

The 8-week scheme will take on talented participants from groups that are underrepresented in VC according to our research.

If you are interested in a career in Venture capital and believe some of these traits describe you then we hope you will apply:

  • Curious
  • Detail-oriented
  • Focused, driven and passionate
  • Initiative and self-discipline: the ability to operate without needing to be micromanaged
  • Able to develop and maintain authentic relationships
  • Emotional intelligence, empathy and good at assessing motivations, desires, needs and intangibles
  • Skilled at selling ideas, concepts or vision
  • Emotional resilience and conviction: ability to maintain excitement in the face of opposition and scepticism

We welcome applications from anyone with a minimum of one year’s work experience and a genuine interest in developing a career in VC, as an entrepreneur or in a start-up.

The Future VC Internship 2021 Global Programme Application Process
  • The closing date for applications is 8th January 2021
  • By 12th February 2021, you will hear back from us with a decision about your application, whether you have been successful or not.
  • Interviews will be held between 22nd Feb – 19th March (face to face, video or call)
  • You will be notified whether you have been offered a position in the programme by 31st March 2021

*Please note the application form will take between 20-30 minutes to complete.

** If you are in a country/city where we are not hosting a Future VC paid internship programme then you will be automatically moved to a remote participant group, which will mean if selected you will have access to masterclasses and potentially mentorship.


For more Information: Visit the webpage for The Future VC Internship 2021 Global Programme ( Paid Internship)

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