Top Tech Scholarships for Africans to Build High-income Tech Skills and Have Access to World Class Technologies

Top 10 Scholarships for Africans to Build High-income Tech Skills and Have Access to World Class Technologies
Do you want to build a career in tech?
Or do you want to take your tech career and skills to the next level?
Or you want to have access to world-class resources to enable you to compete globally with your skill.
Whichever one you fall, here are some tech scholarships that can help you build your skillset, and give you access to world-class resources, mentors and real-life practical problems to work with.

Top Tech Scholarships for Africans to Build High-income Tech Skills


1. Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) Program 2022 for young African Developers.

Google in partnership with Pluralsight is providing tech training to support young Africans. The Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) program gives participants free access to select courses, projects, embedded labs (powered by Qwiklabs) and skill assessments; plus support from the Google Developer community.
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2. Ingressive for Good/Zuri Training Scholarship to Learn Software Development (Coding) and Design (Fully Funded)

Learn and build a career in coding/software development (backend, frontend, fullstack) & UI/UX design skills for FREE. Ingressive for Good, an ed-tech nonprofit, has partnered with Zuri Training to provide this scholarship and give a basic introduction to software development and product design aimed at complete beginners, which anyone can join.
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3. ALX/Udacity tech scholarships for young Africans (Fully Funded) #SkillUpStandOut

As part of the African Leadership Group, ALX is on a mission to transform the future of Africa by helping young Africans secure 2 million jobs by 2030. Focussed on the in-demand areas of technology, finance, sales and administration and entrepreneurship, ALX equips today’s talent with the skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.
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4. Microsoft 4Afrika Skillslab Program 2021 for young Nigerian Undergraduates & Fresh Graduates.

Microsoft SkillsLab is an apprenticeship programme developed to upskill talented youth and address the digital skills gap in the industry. In 2021, they partnered with Andela Learning Community (ALC) to equip 3000 graduates from Nigeria with knowledge in advanced technologies.
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5. Mandela Washington Fellowship YALI Digital Marketing Online Course For Youth

The U.S. Department of State, Exchange Alumni, and Young African Leaders Initiative Network have designed Digital Marketing courses for Entrepreneurs that cover personal branding, website design, digital marketing strategy, and using tools like social media and search engines.
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6. EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program 2022. Learn Data Science Now, Pay When You’re Hired and Making At least $24K

EXPLORE’s Data Science Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) enables you to study Data Science without making any payments until you are hired.
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7. Kaduna State/ Click-on Data Science Fellowship Program 2022

The Kaduna State/Click-on Data Science Fellowship Programme is part of the Kaduna State’s Data Revolution Plan aimed at strengthening the coordination in the collection and use of data for evidence-based decision making.
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