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Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2021

Deadline: July 23, 2021
Taiwan International Graphic Design Award (TiGDA) 2021 competition has opened for entries and all designers from all regions and countries are invited to participate. TiGDA has been one of the top 5 poster design award in the world since being host in 2005. Based on regulation of international jury, they invite professional design masters across continents to be our jury group. Expect to promote excellent graphic design works across the world.
​ TiGDA has already been conducted 10 times, and attracted designers to participate from all over the world. They sincerely invite you to register for this competition, and your grand designs will shine on the world stage!

Design Categories

Taiwan International Poster Design Award

  1. Specific Topic: Human Concerning, Sustainable Development (including Environment Protection, Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, Type A)
  2. Non-specific Topic: Commerce, Arts, Public Welfare and Purpose Popularization. (Type B)

Taiwan International CI Design Award

  1. Corporate Identity: Brand, logo and other series of design works for companies and institutions. (Type C)
  2. Event Identity: Logo and series of design works for commercial campaigns/events. (Type D)

*All entries must be created after June, 2019.​
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  • The competition is open to designers from all regions and countries.

The competition can be registered jointly by design executors (companies) and institutes serviced by those executors (including organizations, companies and related institutes).

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Application

No Entry Fee!​ All registration must be performed online.​
Click here to register.
For more information, visit Taiwan International Design Award.