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Sales Operation Manager at WeLoveNoCode

No code is perhaps the fastest growing industry in the world right now, we received investments from Snapchat Directors and Nikolay Davydov, our sales volumes are growing, as well, as a WLNC team. So, now we are looking for a Sales Operation Manager, who will be in charge of outbound sales activities. This role is for a strategist and a hands-on executor willing to take ownership over the sales operations function.

Here’s What You’ll Be Doing:

• Building outbound activities: attracting new customers and partners in US and European markets;
• Effective communication and negotiations with decision-maker person;
• Testing new channels to search clients generate ideas and new hypotheses;
• Analyzing market trends and competitors to determine sales opportunities;
• Conducting business meetings and services presentations
• Managing an outbound team, couching and “cold calls” training
• Direct communication to Head of Sales, communication with stakeholders
• Arranging Partnership meetings and events

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