Remote Freelance Writer Needed at Marker Content

Marker Content are recruiting remote writers to join our fast-growing, global team.

About Marker Content

With a passion for supporting writers from every well-written walk of life and a mission for showcasing relevant articles to buyers around the globe, Marker Content is where contributors and buyers come together in perfect purchasing harmony.
So where did it all begin? Well, we’ve spent years researching the growing gap between writers and businesses, and to us, this just didn’t make sense. Whilst businesses were losing valuable working hours creating content already in existence, writers were struggling to connect their work with businesses in need. You could say that creating a bridge between both needs was our calling, and now, the content call has been answered!

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With a shocking 85% of blogs going unseen, Marker Content is a place where content needs are met with total ease. Think of us as content problem solvers on a mission to make content accessible to all, whilst hard-working contributors get to reap the rewards they so deserve.
Marker Content is where content flourishes, and accessibility for both contributors and buyers takes precedence. Marker our words, a new generation of content has arrived.
We sell articles to agencies, publishers, small businesses, web developers and everyone in between.
These businesses are calling out for written content touse on their social accounts, newsletters, blogs and websites, and here’s where your writing skills are vital.
Write about bestselling topics including: 
  • Travel
  • Food & drink
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Lifestyle and more
Whatever topic you’re passionate about, there’s a buyer out there for your work, so write about what you love and know best.
Signing up to Marker takes just a few minutes and your articles can be purchased multiple times by buyers, every time they do you get paid 80% commission.
Click the link to sign up and our team will review your application within 48 hours:

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