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Figma is an Europe-based design company looking for talented creatives to join their team of creative designers. If you’re a designer, here’s what you need to know to apply for this vacancy:

About Figma

Figma is a multiplayer design platform, changing the way people design, prototype, and iterate together. Figma’s platform enables multiple people to work together in the same file. As a result, Figma has simplified the design process for teams of designers, developers, and stakeholders by creating an online space for them to collaborate visually. If you’re looking to work at a company that is building the future of design tools, welcome to Figma.


Remote Designer Advocate Needed at Figma. Apply Now
Remote Designer Advocate Needed at Figma. Apply Now

What You’ll Be Doing For Figma

  • Enable Figma users at scale: Write best practice guides, create resources, and host live streams to help our users better understand how to use the tool and encourage others to share their learnings and experiences
  • Sales enablement: For key high value accounts, join sales demos to explain the product, share best practices, and answer in-depth questions.
  • Motivate and empower the community: Maintain and build relationships with users in the community and identify opportunities to collaborate.
  • Events: Speak regularly at meet ups and conferences. Support Figma community advocates managing events worldwide
  • Advocate for users with product team. Keep a pulse on community sentiment on product releases and emerging themes. Share product feedback from community with PM & Design in an organised, systematic way. Act as trusted advisor for launches to prepare for community reaction.

Apply Here

Best of Luck!

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