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Remote Back-end Engineer Needed at Gemography

We’re looking for a Software Engineer to work with a tech company in the Gemography network.
About the Gemography Network
The Gemography network includes fast-growing tech companies in Silicon Valley, New York, and Paris and beyond.
Our partner companies are working on challenging technical problems, leverage modern technologies and offer exponential career growth.
About the job opportunities
The companies in our network are looking for Software Engineers proficient in some (not all) of these technologies: Spring, Laravel, Django, PostgreSQL, Rails, MongoDB, AWS, Docker, CircleCI …
The ideal candidate is motivated by working on complex technical problems, building great products and user experiences, cares about code quality, and can contribute from day one.
How it works
To apply to the network, we’ll ask you to go through a 3-steps screening process. Of the thousands of applications we receive per month, fewer than 3% are accepted.
If accepted, you’ll hear from founders, team leads, and managers behind the companies in our network, complete interviews with their engineering teams before joining the company of your choice.
How we will support you

  • Stipend to create your ideal work setup.
  • Job stability (equivalent to local jobs).
  • Flexible time schedule.
  • Health insurance.
  • Generous paid time-off.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Learning and development.
  • Perks: Spotify, Netflix and Headspace subscriptions.

About Gemography
Gemography enables software engineers from LATAM and Africa to work remotely with top tech companies based in Silicon Valley, NY and Paris and beyond.
We connect you with remote job opportunities, coach you on interviews, guarantee your job stability and act as your tech career advisor and advocate.
We helped 100s of engineers from LATAM and Africa land great jobs at top tech companies who may otherwise have passed on their resume.

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