Production Of Izal


Izal is a germicide regularly at home, clinic, office toilets etc. A concentrated izal is very effective in cleaning, floor tiles, toilets and other surfaces, it is a lucrative business that sells fast because of its regular usage and demands in hospitals, schools and other organizations. This is a business to consider if you’re  thinking of a business to start. It is business you can start with a little capital and can be considered alongside liquid soap.


For 5 liters of Izal

  • 1/8 Carbolic acid
  • 1/8 Phenol
  • 1/8 Lyzol
  • 1/8 Pine oil
  • 1/8 booster
  • 1/8 Izal cencentrate
  • ¼ whitener
  • ¼ texapon
  • water 2 liters


  • Add texapon into an empty bucket.
  • Add pine oil and phenol and mix together.
  • Add whitener and mix thoroughly.
  • Add 1 liter of water and mix.
  • Add concentrate and mix.
  • Add lyzol and mix.
  • Add carbolic and mix.
  • Add booster and mix thoroughly.

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