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Production procedure for Hair Shampoo. It Is Very Important To Follow The steps in order to achieve the desired result.

Ingredients.                       Quantity

  • Water.                                     8 liters
  • Nitrosol or antisol                       1/16kg
  • Soda ash.                                      1/4kg
  • Sodium tripolysphate (STPP)   1/8kg
  • Sodium lauryl sulpfate                1/4kg
  • Sodium sulphate.                        1/8kg
  • Texapon                                      1/2liter
  • Sulphonic.                                    1/2liter
  • Menthol.                                       50g
  • Glycerin.                                       150ml
  • Vitamin E.                                   50ml
  • Colourant.        As desired          1/2tbs
  • Perfume.                                      40ml


We are producing 10liters of hair shampoo

We will start with 8 liters of water the remaining 2 liter will be used to mix other chemicals. N.B you are expected to dissolve all other chemicals in a separate bowl before pouring it into Nitrosol and make sure all the particle are completely dissolved in water.


  • Measure out 8 liters of water into a measuring bucket.
  • Gradually add Nitrosol in 8 liters water and stir it up to 10-15 minutes.
  • Add soda ash


  • Dissolve 1/16kg of SLS in water.
  • Stir the Nitrosol before adding the SLS into the main solution then stir for about 10-15 minute


  • Dissolve 1/8 of sodium sulphate in small quantity of water and stir it for about 5-10 minutes before adding it into the main solution..


  • Mix 1/2liters of sulphonic and 1/4kg of texapon in a separate bowl before you add it into the main solution, the solution will be getting thicker and thicker.


  • Dissolve 50grams of menthol into a small quantity of water before pouring it into the main solution and stir.


  • Add 150ml of glycerine in to the mixture and mix it well
  • Add 30ml of vitamin E and stir the solution very well
  • Add any color of your choice and stir the solution very well.

N.B The lighter your color is  beautiful your product will appear.

These training materials are provided by SpecialGift Chemical company, headed by Miss. Nnadi Chinenyenwa Gift, for further coaching, and further training for commercial productions, the in and out of the business, kindly reach out to us via: 07069655569 or and we shall connect you with and also offer technical assistance to assist you in starting your business as soon as possible.


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