Production Of Hair Shampoo

Production procedure for Hair Shampoo. It Is Very Important To Follow The steps in order to achieve the desired result.

Ingredients.                       Quantity

  • Water.                                     8 liters
  • Nitrosol or antisol                       1/16kg
  • Soda ash.                                      1/4kg
  • Sodium tripolysphate (STPP)   1/8kg
  • Sodium lauryl sulpfate                1/4kg
  • Sodium sulphate.                        1/8kg
  • Texapon                                      1/2liter
  • Sulphonic.                                    1/2liter
  • Menthol.                                       50g
  • Glycerin.                                       150ml
  • Vitamin E.                                   50ml
  • Colourant.        As desired          1/2tbs
  • Perfume.                                      40ml


We are producing 10liters of hair shampoo

We will start with 8 liters of water the remaining 2 liter will be used to mix other chemicals. N.B you are expected to dissolve all other chemicals in a separate bowl before pouring it into Nitrosol and make sure all the particle are completely dissolved in water.


  • Measure out 8 liters of water into a measuring bucket.
  • Gradually add Nitrosol in 8 liters water and stir it up to 10-15 minutes.
  • Add soda ash


  • Dissolve 1/16kg of SLS in water.
  • Stir the Nitrosol before adding the SLS into the main solution then stir for about 10-15 minute


  • Dissolve 1/8 of sodium sulphate in small quantity of water and stir it for about 5-10 minutes before adding it into the main solution..


  • Mix 1/2liters of sulphonic and 1/4kg of texapon in a separate bowl before you add it into the main solution, the solution will be getting thicker and thicker.


  • Dissolve 50grams of menthol into a small quantity of water before pouring it into the main solution and stir.


  • Add 150ml of glycerine in to the mixture and mix it well
  • Add 30ml of vitamin E and stir the solution very well
  • Add any color of your choice and stir the solution very well.

N.B The lighter your color is  beautiful your product will appear.

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