Cassava flour differs from “Elubo Lafun” the staple food of Yorubas. The difference is the process of production. Cassava used in cassava flour must be harvested and processed in a day. The major factor in cassava flour is that there shouldn’t be fermentation of the cassava at all. But the cassava processing for “Elubo Lafun” must be fermented for some days. 


  • Mature Cassava
  • Water


  • Knife
  • Mill Machine
  • Sieve
  • Drier


  • The day old harvested mature cassava should be peel. The cassava must be day old and must not be allowed to ferment. Wash the peeled cassava thoroughly with clean water and grate the cassava.
  • Press the grated cassava with screw jack or hydraulic jack. This pressing is very technical and important. The moisture level of the cassava should be reduced to below 20%. The process from harvesting to process must be within 24hours. If not, the will turn to “Elubo Flour” and will not be good for baking. After pressing the moisture level below 20% the fermentation is completely halted and the next stage is drying.
  • Dry to moisture level 14%. The dryer the product, the longer the storage lifetime. The most important quality of the product is the moisture level, if properly processed as indicated above the color of the product is snow white.
  • The next process is packaging.

Drying could be sun drying if the quantity is not much but the ideal way of drying is the industrial drier.

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