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10k Naira is a measly small amount of money, thank you, but when you earn it from writing, from winning a contest, it becomes precious.

Heck, writing in a contest is always fun. That’s the way it should be. No one is making it a full-time source of income. It’s more of a side hustle that comes or doesn’t come. But you would have learned and improved.

Here’s what Pactnuel is saying about this writing contest:

  1. That it’s going to be weekly.
  2. That anybody can enter. Whether you or your uncle’s children.
  3. That well, the prize is 10k Naira.
  4. But not all the 10k is cash. You get half cash
  5. The other half comes as a gift.

Not particularly great, but it could be fun, you know.

If it sounds like something to check out, you can here.


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