OIC Entrepreneurship, Skills & Employment Camp 2021

Deadline: April 11th 2021

OIC Entrepreneurship, Skills & Employment Camp 2021


Application is now open for Young Entrepreneurs and job seekers to apply for the Dhaka OIC Entrepreneurships, Skills & Employment Camp 2021. The aims of the camp is to create a better and more efficient platform to bring together IT startups and potential youth for job market from OIC Member States, investors, mentors, founders, governmental authorities, international institutions, ecosystem influencer, and sectoral partners within OIC global network.

This will be done through rigorous training for pre-seed/seed/early-stage startups, the ESEC will increase their knowledge on the market, business model, and enhance their presentation, management and networking skills.


Main verticals of the ESE Camp (Entrepreneur)

  • Smart Cities & Clean Tech
  • Farmtech
  • Smart Logistics (Micromobility & Delivery)
  • EdTech
  • TravelTech and Cross Border

Main verticals of the ESE Camp (Employment)

  • Interview Skills
  • Networking
  • Preparing for the workplace
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ability to work under pressure


National League

We will prepare the registration form in a such way that we can easily filter the deserving participants for the workshops. We will receive registration in two categories (Entrepreneurship, Employment). We will select 50 in Entrepreneurship category and 50 in Employment catergory, who will get three days’ grooming session. After that we will select 10 from Entrepreneurship and 10 from Employment category of these 100 participants for the final by taking quizzes on the discussed topics, and they will directly participate in the global final. These 20 selected participants will receive an award and every participate will receive certification for participation.

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International League

We will select 30 participants from 5 other regions (06 per region) in 2 categories (Entrepreneurs and Employment) after reviewing the applications. Total 50 participants will receive the international trainings and workshops. After the final pitching session in front of the investors and the jury board, the VCs and angel investors will pick up 5 startups for the early-stage investment.

SL Region Name Number of Participants
1 Bangladesh 20
2 Asia 06
3 Middle East 06
4 Africa 06
5 North America 06
6 Europe 06


  • The camp will be implemented under Dhaka OIC Youth Capital 2020 initiatives and will be held in online platforms.
  • The camp is planned for three months: between March 2021 – May 2021.
  • The target group is pre-seed/seed/early-stage Startups and potential youth for job market.
  • Total 50 Participants will be selected in which 30 will be for Entrepreneurship and 20 for Employment.
  • The aim is training 50 early/seed stage startups and potential youth for job market with a 7-day online training, preparing them for the pitching session to select the best ten amongst them.
  • Afterwards, preparing these 10 startups for the final demo day with 3-days online workshop.
  • The ultimate aim is to pick up 5 most successful startups and match them with angel / seed investors.
  • Applications will be open for 1 month, in order to reach the best startups.
  • All applicants will be asked to upload a preliminary business plan.
  • The selection will be done with a professional support.
  • The target of the first selection is to pick up the best 50 startups for the 7-day online training.
  • After 7-day training, an online pitching session in front of the professional jury will take place.
  • The best 10 will be selected among the 50 startups for the 3-days online workshop.
  • In the final pitching session, the floor will be given to the 10 startups in front of the investors and the jury.
  • Lastly, VCs, angel investors will pick up 5 startups for the early-stage investment.

Who can Apply for OIC 2021 Entrepreneurship Skills & Employment Camp


Eligibility Criteria

  • Citizen of the OIC Member States or representative of a Muslim community in a non-OIC Member State.
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Well conversant in digital technology with good internet connectivity.
  • Aged between 18–35.



  • Champion 2500 USD
  • 1st Runner-Up 2000 USD
  • 2nd Runner-Up 1500 USD




For more Information: Visit the website for Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC 2021 Entrepreneurship, Skills & Employment Camp for citizens of OIC Member States

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