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NaijaCoder Summer Coding Program 2024

The NaijaCoder summer camp is a free summer coding program for Nigerian high school students. NaijaCoder offers free algorithms and computer programming tutorials.

The majority of Nigerian high school students are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of algorithms and programming. This tendency, according to NaijaCoder, should alter since programming provides these kids, particularly those from impoverished backgrounds, with an opportunity to learn profitable skills while also igniting their interests for problem-solving and critical thinking. The following NaijaCoder summer camp will be held in August 2024.

NaijaCoder, Inc. is a research and education institute based in the U.S. and Nigeria. One of their major activities is an intensive summer program in Nigeria aimed at high schoolers and entry-level college students. The program provides free instruction on the basics and computer programming. The broad goal of NaijaCoder, Inc. is to encourage early science education in the Global South, starting from Nigeria. The NaijaCoder board consists of majority EducationUSA alumni from Abuja, Nigeria.


  • Any middle or high school student in Nigeria is eligible to apply.

 Information about Application 

This is the application to participate in NaijaCoder’s summer coding program in August 2024. The deadline for the first round of applications is January 31, 2024. Successful applicants will be notified by March 2024 regarding the status of their application.

Deadline: January 31, 2024

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