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Call for Applications: Mindcapital Startup Bootcamp for Idea-Stage Startups

The Mindcapital Startup Bootcamp is a hands-on, intensive remote workshop to help startup founders go from idea to business.

Are you an early-stage tech startup seeking to move from idea to solving real-life problems without taking the wrong steps? The Mindcapital Startup Bootcamp is for you.

The program is focused on helping idea-stage founding teams develop strategic plans beyond their product and business ideas, to enable them concentrate on validating the business rather than targeting funding just yet.


The objectives include:

  • helping founders articulate what they know about their customer and target market now
  • enabling them to articulate the starting point of their business idea
  • leading them to go from thinking generally to thinking in specifics and
  • supporting them to identify first steps towards validating their business idea and getting on the move.


Selected startups will participate in the 3-day remote workshop for free, designing value propositions, business models and testing their business ideas.


Early-stage startups leveraging technology to solve real-life problems.


The November edition of the Mindcapital Startup Bootcamp will take place from Friday to Sunday, the 18th to 20th of November 2022.

This workshop lasts 9 hours spread over three days.

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