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Nov 17, 2010, The Fast Company put out a tweet which I completely considered to be terrific, amazing, and truthful.

Many marketing fat cats also believed Fast Company’s tweet was intelligent and on point. 

Some even considered it a truism.

But what is it that makes a truism a truism? Truth.

See for yourself (Fast Company’s tweet):

Marketing in the future is like sex. Only losers will have to pay for it – John Bond.

Well, I got thinking: 

Marketing, since its inception, has always been like sex. Winners have never had to pay for it. A marketing campaign well done, pays for itself and gives the marketer several extra ounces of milk.

If your marketing doesn’t give you the extra, you might have to start questioning the way you do it.

Well, no one is completely out of the loser cycle when it comes to marketing. 

You know, marketing is not like mathematics which has universal constants, laws, and formulas. There’s a lot of testing to be done. A lot of learning, a lot of studying, and a lot of failings to do.

We can’t deny, however, that there are no theories and formulas in marketing. What they are meant to do is reduce the level of uncertainties and guesses in your work. They do no eliminate your need to study your specific customer, market, and operating conditions.

Marketing deals with humans and humans are the most complex creature on earth. 

Our actions and inactions are controlled by our mood, perception, knowledge, social stratification, and even time. How possible is it for a single formula to account for all these variables?

That your ads aren’t performing yet, doesn’t make you stupid or a loser. 

What makes you a loser is when you refuse to learn from the market. When you keep guessing and keep thinking you’re a marketing maverick when in the actual sense you need to let off your ego and learn. Genuinely.


62% of Small Businesses fail with Facebook.


According to smallbiztrends, 62% of small businesses fail with Facebook ads. 

The gentlemen smallbiztrends interviewed said not that the clicks and the likes don’t come, they don’t just translate into money. 

That means the problem isn’t Facebook, the problem isn’t running the ads.

The problem is the ad itself.

Part of the problem may be that you never take the time to study your prospects and market to find out what they “really” want.

It may be that you’re a boring jerk who never tells stories. perhaps you’re thinking right now, you don’t even know how to tell stories.

Maybe your ads are lifeless and do not have any persuasive power whatsoever.

Maybe all your career you have been thinking that because you pay Facebook or Instagram to promote your ad, you have a godly right to make sales.

Maybe you’re the type who thinks simple is too simple and stupid to be considered.

Maybe, maybe, maybe…


Marketing isn’t Rock Science.


It’s like any other gentle sport out there. Like tennis, you don’t need to spend hundreds of hours in practice to hit your first ball correctly. But you do at least need to know how to grab the racket correctly and position your ass appropriately.

You at least need a conscious effort to create amazing captions for your products and services. To know a little about storytelling. To know your audience. To care a little about making the things you say persuasive. And more importantly, to look for genuine reasons why your prospects should buy from you.

In the long run, you may not need to hire a marketing expert to do your marketing.


Truly Yours…


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