Kuonyesha Art Fund 2021 for Creatives and Artists In Uganda

Deadline: 30th April 2021

Kuonyesha Art Fund 2021 for Creatives and Artists In Uganda

Kuonyesha is a Swahili word that means “show”. Kuonyesha Art Fund exists to support, nurture and develop art in Uganda; to promote and/or support artists to improve the quality of arts in a way that enhances the meaningful influence and participation of art and artists in the issues shaping society and public life in Uganda, and therefore, the fund will focus on the following categories:

  1. Visual Arts (e.g. Painting, sculpture, weaving, fashion, woodcut printing etc.)

  2. Literature (including publishing),

  3. Audio-Visual (graphics & animation)

  4. Dance & Music

  5. Theatre and Film

  6. Folklore/Spoken word

  7. Arts research

  8. Combination of arts disciplinaries

  9. Other​


  1. The grant award is open to all artists of all ages in Gulu, Kampala, Karamoja; minors may be required to be accompanied & guided by an adult.  Female artists and differently abled persons are especially encouraged to apply.

  2. Individual artists who are established and have demonstrated ability to influence communities through their art. They will most likely have a track record and be able to demonstrate ability to manage funds/resources responsibly.

  3. Artists that have the potential to do more with their art; they may have some ideas and/or even made an initial investment in their art project but are unable to proceed because of limited resources. The Kuonyesha Art Fund will serve as a ‘push fund’ for such artists.

  4. New and/or emerging artists who may not have much exposure or are trying new ideas. They require investment to enable them further to explore and show case their work.

  5. Artists that require support to enhance the quality of their work for instance through training, provision of equipment, as well as exposure.

  6. Only artists who are citizens or have been granted permanent residence of Uganda may apply; attach their national ID/ other identity form/residence document copy etc as evidence.

  7. All grant award winners are required to take up the grant awards as per the dates mentioned in the entry details or applications.

Kuonyesha Art Fund 2021 Grant Categories

The Art Fund grant award sizes and Disbursements

Grants funds will range between 4,000,000/=UGX – 20,000,000/= UGX. This will be disbursed as follows:

  • Established Artists & groups – up to  20,000,000/= UGX

  • Artists Push Fund – up to 12,000,000/= UGX

  • Emerging and/or New Artists and/or Ideas – up 4,000,000/=UGX

  • Collaborations or initiatives that foster artist collaborations (that may straddle the above 3 categories)- up to 20,000,000/= UGX


The following three levels are identified as below and will not compete for the same funding

  • Beginners – Below five years

  • Middle career artists – Below 10 years in the field

  • Established artists – 10 years plus in the field

Kuonyesha Art Fund 2021 Application Process

Online process

Physical process

  • Pick up the application form for an Arts center near you

  • Fill it in, attach the relevant images/documents/video clips

  • Submit the filled-in form back to the Arts center front desk personnel.

  • Sign/register to confirm your submission.

  • All applications should be submitted before the call closing date.

For more Information: Visit the website for Kuonyesha Art Fund 2021 for Creatives and Artists In Uganda

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