Deadline: 18th December 2020


OVERALL GOAL: To increase the number of quality local films made.


The Kenya Film Commission in line with its mandate and function of promoting development of local content and establishing a film fund, proposes to establish a film empowerment program that will provide film and video-related funding in the broad categories of;

  1. Development (of feature films, documentaries and TV Concepts);
  2. Production (of feature films and documentaries)
  3. Film Festivals and Marketing.

Individuals, companies and organizations will be required to submit funding applications to the Commission in any of the four funding categories identified above. Specific conditions will be applicable in each funding category, and it shall be important for applicants to take careful note of these conditions before submitting an application.
Proposals will be accepted for film funding once throughout the year from 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021. In each category of funding, only one application per organization, individual or company will be considered. Funding may take the form of a grant, investment or loan. In addition to financial assistance, support mechanisms will be made available once funding is approved. Funding allocation to selected projects will vary according to the specific cash flow needs of the project.


A selected committee of eminent film makers approved by the board will go through all the applications and will make the final decision on projects that will qualify for funding as mandated by the Kenya film Commission guidelines/funding policy. While each category of funding will have its own specific criteria, the ultimate goal will be to ensure that filmmakers ranging from emerging to experienced benefit equitably from the film industry empowerment programme funds.

  • The selection committee should comprise of KFC Board reps, KFC select Officials, Experienced industry stakeholders.

Development Funding
The Commission will consider development as any work undertaken to put an idea or concept into writing with an intention of creating a script including research undertaken in a documentary, a short or a feature film whether fiction or real life. The Commission may also provide financial support to the development of television concepts that can be formatted, sold globally and licensed for remake rights or for syndication.
Who should apply? 

  • Independent production companies who hold exclusive rights or options for at least twelve (12) months
  • Writers attached to a project

What are the application requirements?
For all applicants:

  • Completed application form
  • A covering letter of motivation
  • Treatment Chain of Title and Proof of copyright in an instance where the work is not the original idea of the applicant and letters of commitment from public figures in documentaries
  • Writer’s Curriculum Vitae
  • Producer’s Curriculum Vitae
  • Development budget which contains the following line items: Script editors; Research; Copies; Producer fee (where appropriate) – this should not exceed 10% of the total budget; Overheads which should not exceed 5.5% of total budget excluding the Producer fee
  • Development Schedule
  • Production plan
  • Writers narrative treatment
  • Target audience/distribution plan
  • Track record of production company where applicable
  • Company registration document to prove company ownership where applicable
  • Proof of Kenyan identity

Development Funding applicants also require:

  • Concept Outline (which contains a unique feature of concept, universal dramatic theme, international adaptation potential, the longevity of concept and legal protection or copyright)
  • Development plan

To apply for Development Funding click here 
Production Funding
The strategic objective is to increase the number of Kenyan films produced.
Who should apply?
For Production Funding:

  • Kenyan Production companies with relevant experience and a credible track record in producing content of broadcast quality
  • film-makers or writers who have a production company attached to the project

What are the application requirements?

For all applicants:

  • Completed application form
  • A covering letter of motivation
  • Proof of Kenyan identity and tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of company ownership
  • Declaration of any vested interest or association with other film companies or projects that have submitted applications for funding to the Commission
  • Letters of distribution intent from local and/or international distributors
  • Letters of support from any other stakeholders
  • Details of training and empowerment components in the three phases of production: pre-production, production & post-production
  • Proof of copyright clearance
  • Production plan

Production applicants also require:

  • A script that is ready to go into production
  • Relevance to a Kenyan audience
  • In the case of co-productions, compliance with treaty requirements

Documentary applicants also require:

  • Research Report
  • Outline
  • Documentary script
  • Artwork for marketing purposes
  • Letters of commitment from public figures

Fiction applicants also require:

  • A detailed budget
  • A finance plan
  • A detailed shooting schedule
  • A marketing plan
  • Proof of chain of title

To apply for production click here  

Film Festivals and Markets Funding

The objective of the grant is to provide financial support to filmmakers and distributors to promote their product at film markets and festivals effectively. Innovative marketing and distribution strategies will be supported. Productions with budgets of 15 million and above will receive support for Print & Advertising of posters and such small items excluding advertising print for larger posters.

Who can apply?

Kenyan independent filmmakers and Festival organizers who have a complete film or TV product

What are the requirements?

  • Completed application form
  • Company profile
  • Certified copies of a Kenyan ID
  • Detailed profile of applicant
  • Certificate of incorporation or company registration documents
  • Original tax clearance certificate
  • 1 page letter of motivation
  • 4 DVD copies of the film or make arrangements for a private screening for members of the evaluation panel
  • Project synopsis
  • Business plan which shows expected returns on the marketing outlay
  • Proven marketing and distribution track record of the applicant
  • A marketing and distribution plan with a clear targeted audience, realistic audience and a projection
  • Proof of copyright ownership
  • Clear linkages to other distribution formats and pathways (theatre/video/pay/public TV)
  • Marketing and test screening implementation plan with an audience feedback mechanism
  • Innovative marketing approaches sensitive to the target market
  • Detailed proposal indicating impact of the festival, target audience, host county, target population, dates, itemized budget and activities involved.
  • For international Festivals attendance, a confirmed letter of invitation from the festival clearly indicating the dates and location of the festival
  • Realistic budget
  • A letter of theatrical exhibitor with a projected initial release date if applicable
  • A list of booked or anticipated cities screens and dates
  • The applicant’s plans for financing the project(s) and evidence of the existing level of the market place interest in the project.
  • An itinerary with confirmed meetings will be required prior to travel
  • Marketing and test screening implementation plan with an audience feedback mechanism

To apply for Marketing and Festivals click here 


  • The Kenya Film Commission board will approve funding annually throughout the financial year of 1st July to June 30th. All applicants shall be notified in writing of the outcome of their application and the complete list of approvals will be published.

Applicants need to fill and complete the application form and send it to [email protected]
N/B: For all applications, please provide proof of internship and mentorship programme mechanism
*Priority will be given to children content
For more Information: Visit the webpage for KENYA FILM COMMISSION EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME 2020 ( 2ND CYCLE)

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