Journalismfund Grants for Science Journalists 2022 (up to €30,000)

Journalismfund Grants for Science Journalists 2022 (up to €30,000)

Applications are open for the Grants for Science Journalists 2022. With this pilot project offers grants for science journalists. It is meant for projects that have great newsworthiness and depth but that cannot be realised in regular media.
The projects should be original, innovative and time-consuming and must involve investigative reporting on science and its impact on society. The results of the research must be published in a Dutch-language medium in Belgium.

Journalismfund Grants for Science Journalists

  • A €30,000 grant is awarded to successful journalists.

Eligibility for the Journalismfund Grants for Science Journalists

  • Open to professional journalists;
  • Both beginning (starters) and experienced journalist (seniors) can submit a project that cannot be realised through the normal channels of journalism, that has major news value and depth and that is also original, innovative and time-consuming.
  • Only natural persons can apply for a grant.
  • Projects with regard to investigative and special journalism must deal with topics that are relevant for Flanders.
  • The project must be published in a Dutch-language medium in Belgium. A letter of intent for publication from at least one professional news outlet is required for journalists with more than 2 years of experience. For starters this is considered a plus.
  • All journalistic end products qualify for a grant: newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television documentaries and series, photo-reportages and books, podcasts and journalistic non-fiction books.

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Application for the Journalismfund Grants for Science Journalists

You can easily apply via the online application form. You’ll be asked to provide:

  • personal details
  • information about the project
  • information about the dissemination of your story
  • a detailed budget

Make sure you have following documents at hand:

  • copy of your ID (for Belgian residents) or passport
  • CV
  • letter(s) of intent of (a) Dutch language media outlet(s) in Belgium.
  • a detailed budget (please use our budget template)

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