We are first and foremost an incredible team full of energetic, proactive, and ambitious individuals whose goal is to make Digital Silk a foremost digital agency. Our quest for excellence has resulted in a steep growth curve and we need amazing UI/UX Frontend Developers to keep providing superb user experiences.

At Digital Silk, you will have the amazing opportunity to work alongside a group of dedicated individuals who are all continuously bettering themselves, gaining new expertise, and helping their teammates excel. We are seeking senior-level people passionate about their work and guarantee competitive salary and growth opportunities. This is for a full-time, remote-work-at-home position as our headquarters are in the US.

What we offer at Digital Silk:

– A work culture focused on mutual success and continuous growth
– Competitive pay and scheduled raises
– A top-notch development team with an amazing atmosphere of camaraderie
– The opportunity to do custom designs and advanced animations
– This is a work-from-home position allowing for an autonomous work process – 20 days PTO + 6 days for preferred holidays

Role description:
– Participate in technical ideation for project proposals
– Project-based (2-3 months/project max) in a team containing a BE Developer, FE Developer, PM, Designer, and QA tester
– Daily project meeting, weekly Development meeting, and weekly FE meeting
– Creation of custom, fast loading, motion graphics in CSS & JavaScript
– Hands-on coding of web pages within WordPress or a custom CMS
– Integration of extensible modules and components within proprietary frameworks
– Accurately estimate and communicate the benefits, challenges, and constraints of a pioneering new interactive and/or technical undertaking

We are seeking TRUE DEVELOPERS with proven experience in developing custom websites from scratch (not from templates).

Minimum qualifications:

– Excellent English speaking and writing skills
– 5+ years of professional front-end development experience with CSS, HTML, JavaScript (es6+), and tools (pre-processors, bundlers, task runners, code linters)
– Proficient with WordPress
– Proficient understanding and working experience with code versioning tools (Git)
– Proficient in creating custom websites from scratch
– Ability to work from 5 am – 2 pm EST with breaks



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